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Builds for Torchlight Infinite Ranked Highest Among All Classes

Builds for Torchlight Infinite Ranked Highest Among All Classes

Builds for Torchlight Infinite Ranked Highest Among All Classes

Have you recently begun playing the most recent version of Torchlight, but you are unsure how to best prepare your character for the endgame? Now, don’t worry about it because our Torchlight Infinite builds guide is here to assist you. This article is going to provide you with a roundup of the best builds for each class, so that you can get off to the very best possible start. We will provide you with a list of recommended items, skills, talents, and everything else you will need in order to make the most of the new play style for your character.

Builds can be done in Torchlight Infinite.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about the best Torchlight Infinite builds for each class.

Build for Commanders We’ve put together a complete commander build for Torchlight Infinite that focuses on maximizing the power of your minions to deal damage on your behalf. This will allow you to relax, control the crowd, and collect your loot while they do the dirty work for you.

Berserker Build
A comprehensive berserker build for Torchlight Infinite has been developed by our team. This build places an emphasis on effectively enhancing the class’s already considerable strengths. We put the utmost emphasis on increasing the damage dealt by melee attacks while giving defense a lower priority. Having said that, this construction is certainly still capable of withstanding a beating.

Frostfire Build
Our Torchlight Infinite Frostfire build is centered on absolutely maximizing the damage potential of the class while also making the most of the class’s one-of-a-kind relationship with frost and fire. Additionally, we put as much emphasis as we can on enhancing intelligence, mana restoration, and the energy shield.

Construct a Spacetime Witness
When it comes to our Torchlight Infinite Spacetime Witness build, we once again place an emphasis on damage. Having said that, thanks to the Spacetime Witness’s one-of-a-kind skill set, this build has a significant amount of natural survivability built into it.

Build with Divineshot
Our Torchlight Infinite Divineshot build places an emphasis on increasing both the amount of damage you deal and the number of projectiles you can unleash with each shot. This transforms you into a nimble and powerful AoE damage dealer. You won’t have any trouble surviving the fight thanks to the numerous healing and dodging abilities at your disposal. You’ll be right in the thick of the action.

Why We Have Decided to Center All of Our Torchlight Infinite Builds Around Damage Dealt
As things currently stand, there is no real need for support or tank-y type roles because Torchlight Infinite does not have any co-op or competitive multiplayer to speak of (yet!). As a result, there is no real need for support or tank-y type roles. Instead, it is strongly recommended that you focus on increasing the amount of damage you deal.

Because of this, you will be able to breeze through all of the content that Torchlight Infinite has to offer in the shortest amount of time possible. A strong offense is the best defense, as the old saying goes, and this maxim holds true in this situation.

That does not mean that we will completely ignore defense, though; of course not. Regardless of the class you play, we strongly advise taking advantage of healing and dodging abilities whenever possible. Although Rehan is able to walk into pretty much any situation without a care in the world, the magic classes could use some additional options for healing and active defense.

In the event that Torchlight Infinite implements a cooperative mode at some point in the future, we will revisit our existing builds and make suggestions regarding which classes are best suited for the role of tank or support.

Tips for Constructing Your Very Own Torchlight Infinite Structures
Despite the fact that we have a good deal of faith in the builds that we have provided above, we are well aware that many of you out there would rather create your own. That’s fantastic! In point of fact, the most enjoyable aspect of playing an action role-playing game is leveling up your character.

On the other hand, if you are unfamiliar with this kind of thing or if you simply want some advice, we are still able to assist you. We won’t tell you what to do, but we will provide you with some pointers on how to create your character in the following paragraphs.

The core of your build and most likely where you’ll start, as the decisions you make here will affect how the rest of the build is constructed to support those choices. Now, as the game progresses, you will unlock progressively more skill options, so there is no need for you to worry about getting everything just right from the beginning of the game because that is simply not possible. Instead, you should try out the various offensive options until you find one that works well for you. Also, make sure you test it out for yourself. Many players of action role-playing games become so engrossed in reading about the various skills and effects that they forget to actually consider whether or not it is actually working for them when they are actually playing the game. Be sure that you enjoy the way your character is played and that you are a good fit for the role. Our final piece of advice is to tailor the types of support you receive to your specific requirements. If you only ever use one of your healing spells, you should probably get rid of the other one and replace it with another support or offensive skill. Always be willing to change in response to the current circumstances.

Since Torchlight Infinite does not appear to have any gear checks (at least, not that we are aware of), there is no need for you to be concerned with optimizing an arbitrary number. You have the option, rather, of concentrating solely on the statistical advantages presented by each weapon upgraded with Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium. For instance, when we were playing Moto, we often made the decision to equip weapons with a significantly lower DPS if the stat bonuses were in our favor. Anything that added an additional x percent of damage to minion attacks was fantastic, as that was already where all of our damage was coming from. It is those stat bonuses that we care about the most in Torchlight Infinite, so make sure to always look at them and make a decision about how much support they will provide for your build.

Talents in the Torchlight Infinite Builds system
When you’ve chosen your talents, these become a lot less complicated for you to figure out because most of the time, those talents will provide you with flat statistical bonuses. To circle back around to our Moto build once more, we chose God of Machines as our starting build because all of our damage-dealing potential comes from summoning. You can get a better idea of how you want to play the game and what each tree specializes in by selecting the overview button and looking at the various options. After you have chosen the categories of equipment and skills, this will be a piece of cake for you to complete.

When you unlock a new character trait, you will typically only have one or two choices to pick from among those presented to you. This adds to the simplicity of the process. They are designed to cater to a variety of play styles; therefore, you should select the mode that most appeals to you. You are free to experiment with these as well because you have complete control over how they are used at any given time. Therefore, you should try both of them out and see which one you prefer.

These are, in essence, pets that you unlock as you progress through the game; this is the most pay-to-win element that Torchlight Infinite has to offer. Imagine that the cursed Legendary Gems from Diablo Immortal have been translated into Torchlight Infinite. Our recommendation is that you make the most of the best pets you unlock and try not to worry too much about the situation. It is very easy to throw away a significant amount of money, not to mention time, on pets when that money and time would be better spent elsewhere. Because Torchlight Infinite’s current iteration places a greater emphasis on the offensive statistic, our team recommends that you prioritize offensive options whenever you have the chance to do so.

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Builds for Torchlight Infinite Ranked Highest Among All Classes