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Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

Belly fat is the excess fat stored around your midsection. Not only does it look bad, but excess belly fat also negatively impacts your health. It is considered to be a serious factor in the onset of some serious diseases and health conditions, including high blood sugar, cholesterol issues, hypertension, or high blood pressure, and it is also a major contributing factor for several heart diseases. So even if you are happy with your body image and don’t want to lose weight just to improve the way you look, you should take belly fat seriously as it is important for your health. 

Ask anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or get into shape and they will all tell you the same thing, belly fat is the most stubborn of all the fat in your body and it is the most difficult to lose. Even when you do lose a large percentage of fat, the area around your midsection may remain flabby and look ungainly. Getting rid of belly fat and getting a sleek and toned midsection has alluded to many. It is a problem that has singlehandedly sold more gym memberships than any other. 

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But what if I told you that you didn’t need a fancy gym membership or an expensive personal trainer to meltdown that bulging belly? The formula is simple, even if the execution requires commitment and perseverance. 

Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move

The first step to cut down belly fat is to make sure that you burn more calories in a day than you consume, through a healthy diet and exercise, basically creating a calorie deficit. Active PK helps to reduce belly fat as it is a dietary supplement intended to not only reduce cravings and hinder the storage of fat on the abdomen but also boost energy levels and mental clarity throughout the day. This is important as there is no way to spot-reduce fat just from your belly.

When you lose overall body fat, you will lose fat on your belly as well. The second step is to work your core, strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles to get rid of the flab and shrink your midsection. One simple and effective power move that can help you achieve these results is the reverse crunch. The reverse crunch exercise strengthens your core and will help melt belly fat if you include this power move in your workout regimen. 

What is the reverse crunch?

The reverse crunch is a great exercise to target your core. It works the rectus Abdominis muscle, or more commonly known as the muscles in your abdomen that are called the six-pack. It is a simple move that is great for both novices and fitness buffs. Once you get the hang of it, you can make it more challenging by adding on to the number of reps and sets. 

How do I do a reverse crunch?

The reverse crunch is a modified version of the basic crunch, as suggested by the name. Lie flat on the floor. Then slowly lift your legs off the floor and bend your knees so your thighs are in a perpendicular position with relation to the ground while your knees are bent at a ninety-degree angle. Contract your abs as you breathe out and bring your knees towards your chest. You will have to lift your hips off from the ground to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. Hold this position for a few breaths, then slowly move back into your starting position. Repeat as many times as you can. 

What are the benefits of the Reverse Crunch?

While the reverse crunch gives you all of the benefits you get from a traditional crunch, it is better than a traditional crunch in that it is less strenuous on your spine. This is owing to the fact that your neck and most of your back remain on the floor during a reverse crunch. Some of the other benefits of the reverse crunch include:

  • It toughens your rectus abdominis. By strengthening these muscles, it tones and sculpts your six pack. 
  • It doesn’t strain your neck. Sit-ups and crunches, especially if not done with proper form, can add pressure to your neck. Many newbies use their arms to pull their neck up with their hands while doing the crunch. In the reverse crunch your head stays flat on the floor thereby protecting your neck.
  • It is less strenuous on your back than crunches. As your spine bends forward during a crunch, it adds stress force on your spinal discs. However, reverse crunches cause less flex on your spine than traditional crunches, hence they are easier on your back.
  • It targets other muscles in your core in addition to the rectus abdominis. Reverse crunches also work the transverse abdominis and your external obliques.
  • It is easy to do and doesn’t need any equipment. Really, the only thing you need to do reverse crunches is your own body. 

Can reverse crunches really reduce belly fat?

The reverse crunch works on the transverse abdominals, which are the muscles found deepest within the belly area. It is one of the most effective exercises to lose fat from the lower belly, especially in women. No exercise can reduce belly fat exclusively. But in combination with a calorie deficit, belly crunches tone and sculpt the muscles in your abdomen, giving you a sleeker look.

Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move
Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move

Can I do reverse crunches if I have back pain?
The reverse crunch is not only great for toning and sculpting your abdominal muscles. Reverse crunches are also a great way to condition your core and lower abs, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain caused by poor posture or certain muscular imbalances.

Can I do reverse crunches while lying down in bed?

Yes, you can! You just have to be a little mindful that your mattress is not a firm surface like the floor is. So here is a modification of the reverse crunch that can be done safely in bed. Lie on your back keeping your hands at your sides with your palms down flat on the mattress. Keep your legs straight and use your abs to raise them towards your face until your toes reach the headboard. Then gradually return to your starting position, all the while keeping your abdominals engaged. Be careful not to let your lower back arch up off the bed.

Final Words

The reverse crunch is a simple exercise that works your core and helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is easier on your back than conventional crunches because your spine does not have to flex as much. However, if you experience any sharp pain while doing reverse crunches, you should stop at once. You should use the proper form while doing this or any exercise move, especially if you are a fitness newbie, or have a previous injury. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor before starting any exercise or diet regime. 

The Importance of a Nitrate-Rich Diet for The Benefit of Our Health

Two girls run every afternoon in the park for two hours. They are young; they will not be more than 20 or 25 years old. They pass covered with elastic bands and thick sweatshirts, other times with sauna suits, which make them look like astronauts.

Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

At the end of the race, they throw themselves on the grass, panting, feeling their bellies, looking at each other, and trying to convince each other that their strategy for the day has worked. But they leave with their heads down; it seems that they cannot reduce those fat ones that disfigure their figure.

A flat stomach is the dream of every woman and every man. Showing a flat abdomen and, better yet, well-defined squares is a task that requires dedication. It seems that bulking the arms and chest muscles is more accessible.

On many occasions, specific exercises to reduce abdominal fat are not practiced. The correct diet is not followed either, and you opt for more accessible means such as machines, magic drinks, and devices that massage the abdomen.

Combining good nutrition, physical exercise, and including certain specific foods in the diet to burn fat are the key to achieving this dream. In my e-book #, I can help with Dra Cocó; you will find tips on leading a healthy life that will allow you to have a healthy and beautiful figure.

How to get rid of belly fat

As you can imagine, one day, I stopped in the path of these girls and asked them about their methods of exercising, the diet they follow, and the end they seek to obtain.

And they confirmed that what they want is to show off a flat abdomen. So I recommended that they include these ten foods in their diet to help them achieve their goal.

Green tea brings you multiple benefits. In this case, it helps you lose weight, thanks to one of its main components, caffeine.

It increases the oxidation of fats and the caloric consumption of your body. Drink a cup a day to lose weight.

  1. Foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in soluble and insoluble fiber are essential in a healthy diet. Natural fiber promotes digestion, increases stool volume, and prevents constipation. Eat fiber-rich foods daily.

Honey and cinnamon

Place a tablespoon of cinnamon in a cup of boiling water. Stir and add a tablespoon of honey; stir again. Drink it before breakfast, and then drink it again before bed. This infusion helps burn abdominal fat and regulates blood glucose. You can take it for one month and rest for a week. Then you come back again if you want.

Ginger, pepper, and honey

All three ingredients are thermogenic. They generate heat and help speed up metabolism, stimulating energy consumption and burning body fat. Prepare an infusion with a piece of ginger, and add a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of pepper. Drink a cup on an empty stomach every day, rest for a week and continue.

  1. Tomato

Due to its high water content and phytonutrients, tomatoes help eliminate body fat. In addition, it is perfect for the health of your intestines. They are best eaten fresh and raw in salads, on their own, or in unsweetened juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps satisfy your hunger faster, preventing you from eating large portions of food. Dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water and drink it before lunch and dinner.

  1. Warm water

Warm water, especially on an empty stomach, helps activate the metabolism and eliminate toxins from your body. Drink two glasses on an empty stomach and wait half an hour before having breakfast.

  1. Chia

Chia seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins that promote weight loss. You can combine it with yogurt, other cereals, soups, and salads.

Add a tablespoon of chia to a pitcher of water and drink it throughout the day.

Lemon juice

The lemon is the citrus fruit par excellence. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants; among its benefits are:

  • aids digestion
  • Reduces constipation
  • Avoid abdominal inflammation

It is a powerful detoxifier. Add the fresh juice to a glass of hot water and drink it before meals to reduce abdominal fat.

  1. Honey and lemon

Drinking half a glass of hot water with the juice of fresh lemon and a tablespoon of raw honey from bees on an empty stomach helps detoxify and tone the digestive system. It helps reduce centimeters in the abdomen and lose weight.

Basic steps to burn fat

As I mentioned before, every plan to eliminate fat from any part of the body is based on three habits:

  • Healthy and balanced diet
  • An exercise routine of at least 15 minutes daily
  • Promising natural remedy that supports calorie burning

Thinking about it, I want to talk to you about a natural remedy that will help you burn fat in your abdomen and your entire body. But always remember that you must accompany this remedy with healthy eating and exercise.

Natural remedy for burning abdominal fat

This natural remedy for burning belly fat is a supplement to lose weight and provides you with extra nutrients. Its main ingredients are laurel and cinnamon.

Cinnamon and bay leaf have anti-inflammatory properties and benefit the digestive system. It is best to prepare them in infusion since their absorption and fat-burning action are faster.

How Cinnamon Helps Burn Abdominal Fat Naturally?

This spice is the most popular in the kitchen. Famous for its slightly spicy flavor and its sweet and penetrating aroma. It is used in desserts, drinks, and entrees. Studies revealed that consuming it regularly helps to lose weight. It is thanks to its components that influence the process of fat accumulation, especially in the abdominal area.

Cinnamon can reduce the amount of sugar in the blood by up to 30%, thus helping to control food cravings. In addition to the benefits it provides to burn fat, cinnamon offers you other healthy actions such as the following:

  • It is rich in minerals and antioxidants
  • It prevents and helps control diabetes
  • It helps regulate blood cholesterol
  • Has calming effects
  • Helps reduce inflammation

Laurel: an ally to losing weight

Laurel is a tree whose leaves are generally used. They have an intense aroma and flavor that go well with meats, soups, stews, and broths. It has two active ingredients: eugenol and cineole, stimulating digestion, mild heartburn, abdominal pain, and gas.

It also has diuretic properties that help eliminate fluids from the body and stimulate kidney function. They stop harmful agents for health, such as uric acid and heavy metals. It also has other properties, including:

  • It has an antiseptic action
  • It is a natural expectorant
  • Provides bactericidal effects
  • It is anti-inflammatory

slimming infusion

This infusion will help you eliminate toxins from your body. Drink it regularly, but let your body rest, so you don’t lose too much fluid.

What do you need?

  • Two cinnamon sticks
  • Ten bay leaves
  • 33.8 ounces of water

How will you prepare it?

Boil the water with the bay leaves and cinnamon sticks. Lower the heat and let it cook for about 15 more minutes when it comes to a boil. Take it off the heat and let it rest for a while before drinking it.

How will you take it to eliminate abdominal fat?

Drink one cup on an empty stomach and two more during the day. Do not exceed those three cups. Taking this dose daily, you can lose up to 7 centimeters of abdominal fat in a short time.


There are some contraindications to consuming this natural remedy to eliminate abdominal fat, so avoid taking it if you have the following conditions:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have stomach ulcers or gastritis
  • you are taking antibiotics
  • You present some allergy or adverse reaction to some of its ingredients
Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

Physical exercise to eliminate abdominal fat

An excellent physical exercise routine is essential to reduce abdominal fat and strengthen the muscles in the area. You need to sweat a little if you want to show off your flat stomach and the famous squares. Next, I will show you these six exercises that you can do at home comfortably.

  1. The Crunch

This exercise helps you eliminate the fat rolls that make your waist ugly. In addition, it tones the abdomen.

As you do?

  • Lie on your back and bend your legs
  • Place your hands behind your head and turn at 40°
  • Perform between 20 and 30 repetitions in a row
  • Rest 30 seconds and continue until you complete three series
  1. Sides

This exercise increases your endurance. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Lie on one side of your body with your legs stretched out
  • Put one of your hands on the ground and the other on your head.
  • Perform a lateral flexion bringing the elbow to the waist
  • Do 8 to 30 reps in three sets
  • Switch sides and repeat the routine

Iron or plank – Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

It is a resistance exercise that forces almost every muscle in your body to work, including your abs. If you do it correctly, you will strengthen the buttocks, legs, lower back, and abdomen.

As you do?

  • Lie face down.
  • Place your forearms on the ground.
  • Stand the balls of your feet with your back straight, your shoulders above your elbows, and your buttocks slightly lifted.
  • Stay in this position for around 40 seconds.
  • Rest and repeat three times.
  • Do this every day until you increase your resistance to at least two minutes.
  1. Leg sides Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move 2022

You will work the glutes, legs, and abdominal area with this activity. I recommend you start gently and gradually increase the intensity.

As you do?

  • Lie on your left side, propped up on your forearm with your knees bent at a 90° angle.
  • Lift your hips and raise your right leg without stretching it
  • Without lowering your leg, bring your hips to the ground and rest.
  • Do 12 reps and switch sides.


This exercise strengthens the lower abdomen and inner thighs. Do it by following these steps:

  • lie on your back
  • Raise both legs together
  • Place your palms on your hips
  • Open and close your legs like scissors
  • Do ten movements in three repetitions

The two girls from the park continue to come every day to exercise, but now with new, more effective strategies. They have told me that the exercise, healthy diet, and home remedies to speed up the fat loss process I recommended are doing wonders for their waistlines.

If you have the same problem as these girls, follow these simple tips, and you will see how you reduce centimeters from your abdomen in a short time.

If you liked this article and have a sincere interest in learning how you can live healthier, I would like to give you a copy of my latest book, #Yo Pod con la Dra Cocó.

Blast Belly Fat with One Power Move

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