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Best Lawn Mowers To Buy 2022

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy 2022

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy

The best guide to lawn mowers and the best place to find cheap lawn mowers that you can buy online from

We have a database of hundreds of lawn mowers available from lots of top online shops and so we display those on each page of our website. We also list them with the cheapest first and so it is very easy to find a cheap lawn mower here, we also display a picture where possible and so it is also very easy to browse the cheap lawn mowers and easily decide which you would like to buy.

There are several types of lawnmower so you will have to consider what you need before you buy. There are electric and petrol lawnmowers. They both have their own advantages; the electric lawn mowers are very easy to power but restrict you to the cable length or that of your extension whereas a petrol lawnmower can go anywhere you like as long as you have enough petrol.

Then there are hover mowers and lawn mowers that have wheels. The hover mowers are easier to maneuver as the hover action makes them feel very light and as they have no wheels they can go in any direction that you choose.

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The wheeled lawnmowers are preferred by many though as they often offer a better mowing action and produce a tidier lawn with many having a roller which produces that nice striped effect that many people like. It is also easier to keep a wheeled lawnmower in a perfectly straight line so when moving with stripes this can produce a better effect.

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Best Lawn Mowers To Buy

There are also lots of features to look for when you buy a lawnmower online and these include:

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy
Best Lawn Mowers To Buy


The power of electric lawn mowers is measured in watts and petrol lawnmowers in engine power (cc’s) and the more powerful the lawnmower is the more effective it will be at tackling long or tough grass.

Cutting Width

The cutting width states the size of the blade and how large an area the lawnmower will cut at any one time and so a larger cutting width will mow a larger area and make mowing quicker.

Cutting Heights

A lawnmower with more cutting heights gives you more choice over how long you would like your grass to be after mowing with lots of lawn mowers offering lots of cutting heights so that you can have your grass at exactly the length that you like.

This also enables you to set the cutting height very high if you have grass that has not been mown for a long time allowing you to do the lawn in several stages making it much easier and will make the lawn much better.


The capacity is simply how much grass the lawnmower can hold before you will need to empty it. Some lawn mowers compact the grass and so can hold much more before it becomes full and these are excellent if you have a large lawn although they can become heavy when they fill up.


A rear roller produces the stripes on lawns and makes for a very attractive lawn.

Self Propelled

Some lawn mowers are self-propelled and so are very easy to use and require much less effort and so are a lifesaver for very large lawns. If you don’t want to do so much work, a self propelled mower may be better for you, but before you decide, you may want to read up on the pros and cons of self-propelled mowers vs push mowers.

Cable Length

For electric mowers, the cable length can be very important as it can limit how far you can mow away from your house. You can of course use an extension lead but it is still worth looking for an electric mower that has a long cable so that an extension will not be needed.

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Some mowers have a nice feature on the grass box which is a window that lets you see how full the mower is and so when it will need emptying. Be aware though that the window can get covered in grass and so not so easy to see through but it is still a useful feature that is worth looking for.

So now you know what you are looking for when you buy a lawnmower online all you need is to find the cheap online deals on lawn mowers. This website makes that very easy though as we have a page for each major type and brand of lawnmower which lists those lawn mowers with the cheapest first so it is extremely easy to buy a cheap lawn mower here. Or on this page, we have a huge list of lawn mowers of all kinds and brands which makes it easy to find a cheap lawn mower if you are not concerned with the brand or type of lawnmower.

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You would like to have a neat garden without cleaning, weeding, and mowing your garden. You can make your life easier if you use electric lawnmowers that make it easier and achieve a flawless finish with less effort.

Lawnmowers are primarily made to reduce the size of grass and weeds to have a uniform flat shape.

There are many models of lawnmowers that adapt to the type of garden, so it is necessary to consider several factors to choose the ideal lawnmower and know which are the best lawnmowers.

How to choose the best lawn mower according to our needs?

  • Determine what use we will give to the electric lawn mowers in terms of frequency of use.
  • How fast our grass grows depends on the time of year.
  • Type of soil if there are too many stones and rain that keeps the undergrowth moist, the better it will be a brushcutter.
  • Maintenance that the machine will need and if it is easy to get technical service and spare parts for the brand of your equipment.

The types of lawnmowers are:

  • Ideal manuals for mowing the lawn in small spaces
  • These are cheap, but it takes more physical effort to use them since the blades move as we push them.
  • Electric is equipment that moves with electricity through a motor that drives the machine and moves the blades that cut the grass.
  • Gasoline or combustion engine is moved by gasoline combustion and is the most used. These models usually have 4 wheels.
  • Tractors are like small tractors where the user can mow the grass sitting down and direct it with a steering wheel; these are typically used when large land areas have to be cut.

Lawn Mower Petri Professional 625 3 in 1 

Thanks to its three functions, the Petri Professional 625 grass cutter will do the work for you: cutting, collecting and shredding. Petri is a brand with excellent quality products backed by Iram standards that guarantee the safety and quality of lawnmowers. 

It has 9 cutting regulation positions for greater precision when working. At the same time, his Briggs & Stratton 4T engine of excellent power and quality will make your job easier.

On the other hand, its collection bag has a capacity of 45 liters, ideal for large areas. The super-strong steel frame makes for a lawnmower that will last you for years to come.

Why buy the Professional 625 3-in-1 Petri grass clipper?

It is one of the best gasoline lawnmowers as it has excellent features that make it worthwhile, especially for large and hard-working land. Some features are:

  • Engine: 4T Series 625 Briggs & Stratton
  • Fuel capacity: 1.5Lt
  • Housing: 2mm Stamped Steel with Bumper
  • Rolled: 200 – 300 mm in diameter w/ Ball bearing
  • Cutting width: 55cm
  • Cutting positions: 9-position regulator
  • Collector capacity: 45Lt
  • Surface to cut: up to 3500 m2
  • Weight: 27.95 Kg

How to mow the lawn like a professional?

Many find this task difficult, long and tiring, but the truth is that if it is done well, it can be easier to keep the grass green and healthy.  

Here are some steps to help you get the best results: 

1. Check the fuel level and clean the grass.

Make sure to add the fuel before starting the machine and take special care. 

It is also necessary to check and top up the oil level every 2-3 cuts before starting the engine. Also, lift branches and other objects that could damage the mower before turning it on. 

  1. Use the proper protection.

Wear eye and ear protection to protect yourself from flying objects and machinery noise. 

He also wears sturdy closed-toe sneakers and long pants. He wears sunscreen and a hat, and he remembers to hydrate.

  1. Adjust the cutting height.

If you mow too much to cut less often, the grass will turn brown, and weeds will grow faster, which can be harmful. 

Ideally, the height of the cut should be adequately measured

To do this, I measured from the ground to the bottom of the mower deck and from there to the blade.

Cut around the perimeter.

It is essential to determine the cutting area to cut more accurately. Your goal should be a square cut and go around trees and curved edges, creating straight lines if your garden is not fair or rectangular. 

  1. Cut out the rest of the area.

For each rectangular area created, you will need to start on one side and work in a straight line from one end to the other. 

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Then flip the device over and cut a row next to it in the opposite direction. Avoid using the mower on slight slopes.

What to consider when buying a lawnmower

garden size

Is the size of my park or garden essential? Definitely yes. To choose the perfect lawn mower, you must first consider the size of your garden and the different lawnmowers that suit your needs.

For example, if you have a small yard, you don’t have to invest heavily in a full-length or expansive mower deck.

However, extensive gardens or parks require large machines with expansive mowing decks that need fewer paths to mow. Petrol cutters are generally recommended for their long life and excellent results in large areas.

Here is a guide to help you decide which machine is best based on the size of your garden:

  • If it is less than 250 m2: a robot or a manual lawn mower is recommended
  • If you have about 500 m2: It is best to use a corded or robotic electric lawnmower.
  • For gardens from 500 to 1500 m2: It is ideal to use a battery-powered lawnmower or a gasoline-powered electric lawnmower.
  • If your garden is between 1,500 and 3,000 m2: use a petrol lawnmower.
  • If your garden is more than 3000 m2: it is better to use a tractor. 


Horsepower is a feature found only on gas or electric lawnmowers and indicates how easily the machine can cut the lawn. In this sense, the higher the performance, the more efficient the device.

So how much power does it require? It is normal not to know how much energy our garden needs, but it depends on the size. 

For example, if your garden has 200 m2, the ideal is 1200w of power. But if your garden is much bigger, you should choose a lawnmower of at least 1600w

Height and width of the grass

Most lawn mowers have a mechanism that will allow you to adjust the cutting height. You may think you need to turn it down as low as possible, but it can be harmful if you set it too low.

Height plays a vital role as the grass photosynthesizes through the leaves. If you remove most of the leaves while cutting, the grass will not last long.

The truth is that there is no perfect height because it is a decision that depends on several factors and preferences. However, as a general rule, it is not recommended to cut more than one-third of the height of the sheet. It means that if the grass is 4 cm tall, it should be cut when it is 6.5 cm tall.

The longer the grass, the more weather-resistant it is, so it is better to keep the grass longer than usual and the roots firmer in very hot or cold conditions because the length helps to collect nutrients and prevent it from becoming infected with fungus.

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy 2022

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