Best ideas to improve English vocabulary

Best ideas to improve English vocabulary

It is very important to revise your English vocabulary at home to improve it. For a teacher, it’s wonderful to watch their students learn new words and then include them in writing or speaking. What is less gratifying is that four weeks later, when you resume a discussion on a similar topic and ask your students to remember a word they have learned, and either run into the reactions. 

While it is satisfying to learn new words and phrases, it is only a short-term success to start learning English. If you want to improve your level, you will need techniques for retaining vocabulary. 


Breaking vocabulary into categories may not be the most natural way to discover new words, but revising it can be extremely beneficial. Students generally find it much easier to answer questions such as ‘What words do you know apply to finance?’ instead of ‘What words did you learn in the last month?’

The principle is simple: choose a category, and then take a minute and a half to think about the words and expressions related to this category. So the theme of IT will give me: save, delete, categorize spreadsheet, etc.  For your higher-level students, you may be awarded by bonus points for particularly complicated words. If you need ideas for finding vocabulary categories, you’ll find plenty of topics.

 Mental maps

Here is a way to go beyond simple brainstorming by thinking about the different levels of each vocabulary category. All you have to do is choose a topic that you place in a circle in the center of a leaf and let your imagination run wild by arranging your ideas around the circle in the form of branches and sub-branches. You can take vocabulary test to check your kid level in vocabulary in English.

Apps for language learning.

There are many apps, all with specific qualities. Use your laptop to log into the website and navigate the ‘Kahoot’ you want to review. By these ideas you can improve your 7th grade spelling words in English.

Questions with various answer options will appear on your laptop screen. These options appear simultaneously on your mobile phone screen, allowing you to select the correct one. Having the answers selected on a mobile means students can compete with each other in a truly fun and interactive game. Alternatively, you can also play it alone and compete with your previous scores.


Whether or not you are the type of person who enjoys doing crossword puzzles in your daily journal, riddles are a great way to jog your memory. They also make you think about vocabulary by categories. Cambridge offers excellent games PDF and activities on subjects ranging from arts to sports to all other subjects for exam preparation. Print it out, and you’ll be busy for weeks.

If you don’t want to print them, there are countless grids available online. Hidden words, usually organized by theme (try not to look at the list of words to find before playing). You can also try the word/picture association games of the British Council to verify that you know the exact meaning of the words you have studied.


Advanced students can review and test their knowledge in specific areas by translating speeches and songs online. Suppose you want to review vocabulary related to technology. You click on that topic and select the excellent presentation from Pranav Mistry titled ‘The thrilling potential of Sixth Sense technology. 

You click on the “Transcription” option and find the script translated into French. You select various paragraphs and set out to translate them into their original English version. When you have finished a paragraph, you listen to the lecture to see if your translation is more or less accurate.

Conclusion: Whichever method you choose to review vocabulary, try to find a technique that appeals to you. Some experts suggest that you need to see or hear a word forty times before you can memorise it. You can also visit this site for practicing vocabulary. Whether you’re reviewing with a song, an app, or an illustration, make your review as fun and interesting as possible, and you’ll find that the language retains itself much faster.

 Best ideas to improve English vocabulary

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