Best DIY Business Ideas to Try in 2023

Best DIY Business Ideas to Try in 2023

Can you start a successful business out of your home? Absolutely!

Nothing feels as good as making things by hand and selling them for profit. Thousands of people around the world have become successful simply by producing goods made by hand and selling them in their online stores and at craft shows. 

The web gives talented people a wider audience, and apps keep businesses operating more efficiently. This means you can concentrate on what you do best: creating. Here are 3 business ideas we recommend for 2021. They can be launched from home with a very minimal initial investment.

Soaps and Bath Bombs

Google is filled with many tutorials that teach you how to make bath bombs, soaps, and other beauty products. There are simple tutorials for bath salts and complicated formulations that require preservatives and emulsions. And the good thing about these DIY business ideas is that it has very few creativity requirements. You can make bath bombs and soaps using store-bought molds. However, branding and packaging are critical in the beauty industry, so think of hiring a designer if you’ve never done it before.

When starting out, keep a little stock. Natural ingredients in soap can quickly expire. Also, take time to research all the raw ingredients to ensure they are safe for the skin. To create good soap, you’ll have to understand the fundamentals of chemistry. Finally, check with the local authorities to ensure your working area adheres to health standards. For example, in the US, the FDA has guidelines for air control, surfaces, and ventilation.


The candle business is a billion-dollar industry, and that’s probably because there are so many niches: birthday, religious, beeswax, novelty, scented, eco and natural, and more. And just like soap, there are plenty of DIY tutorials for amateur candle makers. If you’re making candles on the side, you can start with basic melt and pour methods that don’t require advanced craft skills.

But make sure you get insurance and use safety labelling. Candle usage is dangerous, and the high risk of fire damage or injury makes you susceptible to civil lawsuits. Get insurance and protect your business from civil suits that may be filed by unhappy customers. 

And if you want to stand out in a crowded market, pick a niche. For example, you can appeal to book lovers by cleverly naming candle scents and adding tiny booklets filled with great literature. Use beautiful packaging and powerful branding to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Digital Products

The world has moved online, and the digitization of goods won’t slow down soon. You can make and sell digital products online, like wedding invitation templates, font licenses, webinars, or printable wall art. The initial process may take time to set up, but the business is relatively hands-off afterward. The overhead costs for a digital business are very low, and it has none of the pain points associated with selling physical goods–like shipping and inventory.

Once you choose a business idea, the next step is getting capital, especially if you’re short on funds. You can quickly access loans by using search terms like “best car title loans” on search engines.

Best DIY Business Ideas to Try in 2023

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