Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2023

Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2023

There are a lot of people across the world who love playing poker with their friends and family. How many times do you travel to your nearest casino or gambling haunt to play this amazing game?

Well, one thing we can say for sure is that while it is a great game, it can be a chore to travel to a casino every now and then to play it. Not to mention, it can even mess up your nerves.

So, what is the solution? The best solution to all that is to get a folding poker table for your home.

Having a poker table at your own home comes with a lot of benefits. The biggest advantage is the fact that you no longer have to travel to casinos or gambling haunts to play poker.

You can simply invite your friends to your home and play poker at a comfortable place, which is your home. If you want to learn more about the benefits of having a poker table at home, keep reading along.

Here are some of the best benefits of having a poker table at home.

Benefit 1. There is no need to travel anywhere

As we mentioned above, the biggest advantage of having a poker game table at home is that you can play it at home! There is no need for you or your friends to travel to any casino to enjoy this game.

Traveling can be tiring time-consuming, and sometimes we just lack the motivation to go anywhere to play a game. All of that becomes even more daunting when you get through a rough day.

But with a poker table at home, you do not have to worry about all that. In addition to that, you also get to save a lot of money you end up spending on transportation. Trust us, in the long run, getting a poker table for home is going to save you money.

Benefit 2. The comfort of your home

The second biggest advantage of having this table at home is that you feel more comfortable in your own home. There is no stress involved, which may even help you perform better.

It goes without saying that when there are no strangers constantly watching you, everything becomes more relaxing.

Benefit 3. You can practice and get better

Lastly, when you have a portable poker table at home, it provides you with an opportunity to keep practicing and get better at the game.

Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2022

Playing poker at home is arguably the best way to improve your skills. As we mentioned in the previous point, there is less pressure, and you feel more comfortable in your home.

You can even try and learn new strategies and apply them. Playing low-stakes games with your friends is a great way to hone your skills. 

The above-mentioned benefits are just some of the advantages you get with a poker table at your home. Everything becomes very convenient for you, and you get to enjoy the game even more.

If you are one of those who like poker, you will surely want to organize games at home.

It is best to have a poker table that allows you and your friends to have an excellent gaming experience.

We tell you how to choose the best model in this buying guide that the Lo-Best team has prepared.

the poker table

A poker table is furniture specially designed for playing card games, specifically poker.

They can have different shapes, oval, round, or octagonal, but all must be characterized by allowing easy access to the cards for all players. They are covered with a special cloth to facilitate the sliding of the cards. They usually include coasters.

The best poker tables of 2023

The best value for money

Oval poker table with capacity for ten players. It has dimensions of 208 x 107 x 81 cm and has a blue playing surface. The top and legs are made of MDF wood. Its coasters are metal.

The best high-end model

An oval model with a capacity for ten players has dimensions of general dimensions of 208 x 107 x 81 cm, and its playing surface is green. Its top and legs are made of MDF, and it has metal coasters.

best cheap model

An octagonal-shaped folding poker table. It has a capacity for eight players, and its general dimensions are 121 x 121 x 76 cm. The tabletop material is MDF, and it features polyester upholstery with artificial leather armrests. Its legs are made of steel.

Comparison of the best poker tables

If you want to buy a quality poker table, you will find a selection of 4 outstanding models.

Why buy a poker table?

Just like having a good pool table is not just for bars, having a professional poker table is no longer exclusive to casinos. If you like this game, you can buy one at home. If you get one, you will get many benefits such as:

Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2023

You don’t have to leave home to play.

The main advantage of buying this game table is that you do not need to leave the house to play. You can buy a folding or stationary poker table in a space in your place and thus enjoy home poker games with your friends.

They offer a more realistic gaming experience.

They are very similar to those in casinos. Therefore, they offer a more realistic gaming experience. By having the necessary finishes to cushion the impact of the chips or the appropriate surface for the movement of the cards, players will feel much more stimulated than if they played at a dining table, for example.

They are comfortable

Another reason to buy one is its comforts compared to other ordinary tables. These usually have a padded edge so that the forearms rest comfortably and cup holders to avoid inconveniences with drinks. A material covers its surface to facilitate the sliding of the cards.

best selling poker tables

In this section, you will find an exciting selection of the best poker table sales.

How to choose a poker table?

Choosing a poker table is not as easy as it seems. It would help if you looked at a series of crucial aspects that will make the table suitable for your needs or not. These are the parameters that you should consider to make a good purchase.


One of the main aspects to consider is its shape. The most popular is usually the oval poker table since it is the typical design of casino tables.

It also stands out because it offers an excellent space distribution for the dealer. However, other forms can also be found in homemade models.

One of these is the octagonal poker tables. These models have become increasingly popular because they are compact, beautiful and can accommodate many people with enough privacy to play. You can also find hexagonal poker tables, similar to octagonal ones, or round or circular poker tables. The latter is rare but liked by some because they are smaller, making them ideal for small spaces.


In addition to the shape of the poker table, the measurements are also necessary, especially if you do not have too much space at home to place it. It would help if you kept in mind that the shape would determine its size.

Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2023

Therefore, if you want an oval table, you should consider that these have an approximate size of 234 x 112 x 76. Folding models are usually smaller, even 185 cm long and 81 cm wide.

If you want to buy an octagonal poker table, you should know its dimensions are around 122 x 122 x 76 cm. The round models, for their part, can have sizes that vary between 1 meter and 22 cm and 1 meter and 52 cm.

In any case, the important thing is that you keep in mind the space you have available to locate the table, since that way you can choose one model or another. Pay attention to the current overall dimensions of the table, as many times; manufacturers only indicate the measurements of the playing area. Also, remember that a player’s minimum space to be comfortable is 50 cm.

number of players

It is an aspect that is directly related to the shape and size of the tables. But you must evaluate it to make sure you choose a model that suits your gaming group.

In general, oval tables have the largest capacity to accommodate more players. This type of table can accommodate between 7 and 10 players comfortably. However, to accommodate 9 or 10 people, it is recommended that the table has a width equal to or greater than 2 meters.

Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2023

As for the octagonal or hexagonal tables, the number of players can vary between 5 and 8. The round ones can only accommodate between 4 and 5 people. However, in recent times, round models have come onto the market with capacities for up to 8 people; the square models allow up to 4 players.


The materials used for manufacturing are always a key element to consider in any product since the durability of the item in question will depend on these.

In the case of poker tables, the materials used can be very varied. The most used material for the support surface is usually light wood such as MDF, which is covered with a particular fabric. The railing can be made of vinyl or plastic and is generally covered with a padded material for the players’ comfort. As for the legs, they can be made of wood if they are fixed models. But if it is the folding model, they are usually made of metal, either aluminium or steel.

The most important thing is that these materials are of high quality, since this way you can have a poker table with a long useful life.


If you want to take your table out of the house from time to time, you should make sure that the model you choose is foldable. However, you must pay attention to the number of folds it has.

And it is that the more folds the board has, the greater the chances that it will wrinkle over time, which could cause the cards not to slide as they should. Considering this, it is best to choose a model with the least number of folds.

It is also essential that you consider your weight. It will vary depending on its size and construction materials. But if you want it to carry from one place to another, it is best to make it as light as possible.

The different models of poker table

When choosing a poker table, you will also find several models depending on its structure. You must know what they are to choose the one that best suits your needs.

fixed model

They are tables whose structure is fixed; you cannot remove and store them.

Therefore, they require that you allocate a place in the house for its location, such as another piece of furniture. They are characterized by being very durable, comfortable, and great stability models.

folding model

It is a type of table that can be folded to be stored in a small place in the house or be taken to another location.

Benefits of Having a Folding Poker Table at Home 2023

Their legs’ folds characterize them, and some models may include wheels to facilitate their movement.

portable model

A portable poker table is a model that stands out because it can be taken anywhere, as its name suggests.

These are usually the ones that include only the playing surface, which can be placed on any surface, such as a dining table.

Some folding models can also be portable.

electronic model

An electronic poker table is a touch screen with sensitive areas where players can touch, bet and see their cards.

It’s kind of like a giant iPad. These models can sometimes be found in some casinos, but they haven’t caught on because players like the feeling of having the cards and chips in their hands.

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