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Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World 2022

Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World

Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World 2022

Muslims aren’t strangers to online dating. A lot of singles use dating platforms because they are convenient. Still, how you behave on a date will determine the course of your relationship. Or, it will put an end to it before it gets a chance to bloom.

Don’t Behave Promiscuously on a Date

Muslim world might seem weird to everybody else, but there should be no judgment. Muslims take dating more seriously than Christians, for example. There are a lot of sites specialized in connecting Muslim singles. You can see how one of them works in lovehabibi review, but there are more important things than a dating site in the Muslim online dating world. While it’s totally fine for Christian singles to go out, drink, hook up, and enjoy casual dating,

It can be possible to meet non-Muslims in the most popular places to find casual hookups but it’s very unlikely that you’ll find other single Muslims there. Most of those places involve alcohol and Muslims tend to avoid those places. Spending all night in bars and clubs is normal behavior for many singles.

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Muslims can’t do any of those things. Of course, sex before marriage is a sin in Christianity, but most Christians don’t take religion seriously like Muslims. Because of that, Muslims have to follow some rules while dating. They shouldn’t even date. If they do and their parents find out, they may end up marrying each other after a couple of dates. More about that later. Now we have to warn you about one thing that might ruin your date and kill a possible future relationship.

Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World 2022

Muslims are humans with human urges. When they see a pretty face, they like it. When a Muslim man sees an attractive lady, he gets aroused. Although they don’t even talk about sexuality in most cases, the same goes for ladies because having urges is considered “haram”. That’s why you have to control your behavior on a date.

Being promiscuous will make your partner uncomfortable. She/he will probably like it, but the feeling of guilt will ruin the atmosphere. And that will be the case if you’re on a date with somebody who isn’t extremely religious. If you’re on a date with somebody who follows Islamic religion closely, being promiscuous will put an end to date immediately.

Let’s say you’re an attractive girl on a date with a religious guy. You start revealing too much, or you start showing some naughty photos. He’ll most likely say thanks and leave. You’ll never hear from him again. The same goes the other way around. A Muslim girl won’t tolerate her date behaving promiscuously. Focus on the conversation and meeting each other rather than lust.

Follow the Concept “Halal” and “Haram”

Halal” and “haram” are concepts that follow Muslims in every aspect of their lives. Halal means something permissible, something legal. Haram is the opposite of that, something forbidden. Most people are aware of halal and haram rules about food. For example, alcohol is haram. But that concept is related to dating as well.

In the past, most Muslim marriages were arranged by parents or relatives. Nowadays, young Muslims tend to choose their partners. They even date similarly to young people from the West. Older Muslims don’t always like that, so youngsters came up with a clever idea. When a couple who still isn’t married dates without doing anything haram, they call a halal dating or halal relationship.

Adding that adjective, they want to let the world know they aren’t having sex or doing anything else that could be haram. That gives them the best of both worlds. They don’t give up on their religion, but they don’t give up on freedom and love either. It’s important to mention that most older Muslims don’t agree with the concept of halal dating.

Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World 2022

Don’t Dress too Frankly

You have a nice body? Good for you, but don’t show too much of it on a date. Revealing too much skin is considered to be “haram” because it may put dirty thoughts in the mind of men or women who see you. That doesn’t mean you have to go on a date in a potato sack, but wearing a mini-skirt or a dress that shows too much cleavage will make your date think only about your body. Neither you nor he wants that. You want to have a nice conversation and have fun. And if you want to go on a second date, you certainly don’t want to come half-naked on a first date.

Don’t think that Muslim men can’t do the same. Wearing tight shirts that make their bodies look like comic-book characters or wearing (too) short pants will wake up the lust in the mind and body of Muslim girls. Relationships that start like that, based on sexuality, usually don’t last in the Muslim world. Keep that in mind while creating your online dating profile. Don’t upload any revealing photos if you want to meet honest, religious Muslim singles.

Is Marriage Obligatory After a Date?

Rules of marriage in Islam aren’t as simple as in some other major religions. You can read 4 marriage rules in the Muslim world to get a clear picture of the situation. You’ll notice that the first rule makes many newly formed couples get married (sometimes even after only one date). That rule claims that marriage is fard (obligatory) if a person (or a couple) is tormented by sexual desire.

Since sexual intercourse before marriage is strictly forbidden, couples who feel a burning urge in their bodies usually get married to “protect” themselves from disappointing Allah by having sex. That rule may make you think a couple must marry after the first date, but that’s not true.

Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World 2022

Read the rule again, carefully. Yes, it has a hole. If there is no sexual desire and no threat from having sex, a couple doesn’t have to marry. In other words, if you go on a date and you don’t like your partner, you don’t have to spend the rest of your lives together. 

However, those rules are theory; practice is a bit different. A lot of young Muslims who fall in love date in secret to avoid being forced into marriage. Some couples even have sex before getting married. If they aren’t careful, and their parents find out about their secret relationship, marriage is usually the only option.

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Basic Rules for Online Dating in the Muslim World

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