AWS SAA test is a technology certification test launched by Amazon for cloud computing practitioners. Its purpose is to help some individuals and groups achieve specific goals. Is the AWS SAA test very difficult? What are the main contents of the AWS SAA test? Let’s take a look at the introduction by SPOTO.

The difficulty of AWS SAA Test

Is the AWS SAA test very difficult?

It’s not very difficult. You just need to understand the basic concepts. It takes 80 minutes for the exam.

This exam pays more attention to the architecture design of AWS. Assistant solution architects need to basically understand several basic components of AWS, such as EC2, VPC, IAM, S3, Route53, etc., and master what they are, what their use scenarios are, the differences and advantages from traditional data centers, etc. This exam will comprehensively examine the basic services of AWS, how to use them, and how to create and manage them. Therefore, it is also recommended that you prepare to take the exam to register for AWS’s one-year free package first. The free package contains most of the AWS services you need to be familiar with to pass the exam. Only by doing it yourself can you better master its contents.

Details of AWS SAA Exam 

65 questions; 

Single choice questions or multiple choices;

Teaching method: examination center or online invigilation examination;

The examination time is 130 minutes;

Exam cost: 150 USD (mock test: 20 USD);

Language: English, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese versions are available.

What are the main contents of the AWS SAA test?

EC2: The questions of EC2 are very simple. It is basically the instance type. It is necessary to find out what each instance type is mainly used for, such as on-demand instances, reserved instances, bidding instances, special hosts, etc. It is necessary to understand the role of each instance and read the question clearly. For example, when it comes to the economy, bidding instances are selected in many cases. When it comes to something being opened at a fixed time every day, it is basically reserved instances. So I think the most important thing is to understand the roles and functions of each type.

S3: S3 is the core storage service of AWS. It is object storage. You can put everything on it. Of course, it is especially cheap and safe. Questions are often tested in combination with CDN. If you want to speed up access and reduce latency, where do you want to put static files? At this time, static files need to be placed on S3 and dynamically on instances to speed up distribution. When you see the static file, you can basically choose S3.

CDN: CDN is a global distribution service. It can enable users around the world to speed up access to your content. The basic stress of the test has been mentioned before, that if you speed up, the static files can be put on S3.

Lambda: Lambda has no server. You don’t need to manage your running environment, operating system, etc. You just need to put your code on it to run. The advantage is that it is economical and charged according to your call. Generally, the stress of the test is: If the question mentions no server or economy, then you can select API Gateway + Lambda, which basically won’t make mistakes.

ELB: There are three types of ELB — ALB, NLB, and CLB. ALB is traffic distribution based on HTTP / HTTPS, NLB is traffic distribution based on TCP / UDP, and CLB is the previous generation of the load balancer, which is almost not used now. The stress of the test is that if you see the application in the question, and the question requires you to select ELB, you can directly select ALB. The name of ALB is also called application load balancer.

VPC: VPC has a private subnet and a public subnet. The application scenario is that you can put things that can be accessed by others on the public subnet. Private things such as back-end servers and databases can be placed on the private subnet and no direct access is allowed to others to protect security. The stress of the test is when you see that the question needs security, and then there are databases and other things, you need to put on the private subnet. The general application scenario is that the ELB is placed on the public subnet and the database and EC2 are placed on the private subnet. It is a classic three-tier architecture diagram.

Is AWS SAA very difficult? The above introduces the difficulty of the AWS SAA test. In fact, the AWS SAA test is not very difficult. As long as you take more time to study, you can pass. If necessary, you can come to SPOTO to learn.


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