Athena vs. Azalea health – A Detailed Comparison

One of the most user-friendly and reasonably priced EHR systems for medical practices is Athenahealth EHR. While increasing your clinical productivity, the software enables you to give your patients high-quality care. In addition, your administrative and financial tasks will be handled skillfully by Athenahealth.

Full patient access, processing of claims and clearinghouses, and payer reporting are all features of the cloud-based practise management software provided by Athenahealth. Other services offered by Athenahealth include patient engagement, population health management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, Epocrates, and other educational apps.

Athena EMR Features

Patient Portal

Both patients and practitioners can benefit from the interactive patient portal. The latter can set up appointments for whenever it suits them. Additionally, they can view test results, obtain prescription refills, and access their medical information. Patients can get live customer service to resolve any issues quickly.

According to Athena EMR reviews, the portal allows practitioners to contact patients automatically. These communications may include anything from follow-ups to reminders for appointments. Thanks to powerful insights, users may communicate with patients at the appropriate moment and through the right channel.

Athena Mobile App

Athena EMR reviews praise the AthenaOne mobile app, which gives users access to a powerful mobile application. Face and touch ID make it simple to access this app. Users can read patient-specific summaries and check medical records. An adaptive learning algorithm learns how users interact with the app and suggests ways to improve the user experience. Additionally, the app offers all crucial details in a single glance, including appointments and unpaid bills.


Practitioners can deliver integrated care thanks to Athenahealth EHR. Information about patients is effectively exchanged with other industry doctors, nurses, and experts through Carequality and Commonwell. This enables users to see a patient’s whole medical history, including the hospitals and doctors the patient has previously visited. Additionally, data provided with a medical facility is instantly updated because it is linked to the charts of specific patients. Overall, making decisions in the future is made possible by such shared resources.


In our opinion, telehealth is the system’s most useful tool of Athena medical software. Patients can receive virtual counselling from practitioners no matter where they are. In addition, free medical consultations might be offered in conjunction with the patient portal. In light of the present pandemic, this is crucial.

Athenahealth EHR Pricing

The cost of the medical software starts at $140 per month per provider and rises as the number of providers increases. Depending on how many sessions you attend, training costs range from $500 to $5000.

Additionally, you get a free 30-minute EHR demo, an essential perk because it enables you to assess whether the system is the most appropriate for your practice and enhances patient care.

Azalea Medical Software

For a variety of speciality-specific procedures in community and rural health care settings, Azalea health EHR is ideal. Thanks to cloud-based deployment, you can access the software from anywhere at any time. In addition, you can avoid paying for expensive hardware by using the cloud-based interface.

To streamline your workflow, the Azalea EHR Software interacts with a practice management system, revenue cycle management tools, and telehealth services. As a result, you can manage your medical practice effectively and seamlessly with the full suite.

Azalea EHR software makes sure that your practice’s financial and medical aspects are coordinated. It provides a straightforward, web-based EMR covering all aspects of medical practice, including scheduling, charting, e-prescribing, and invoicing.

Azalea Health Software Features


AzaleaHealth EHR Software is compatible with practice management applications, revenue cycle management tools, and Telehealth software. Your practice gains from the integrated suite’s optimized workflow. Thanks to it, you may also manage your clinical, operational, and financial activities from one location. Athena vs. Azalea health

You can order lab tests online with the help of the lab integrations provided by Azalea EHR Software. Additionally, you can examine lab test results online. The integration improves your workflow by enabling you to complete most of your tasks digitally.

Patient Charting

Azalea health software also assists with patient charting. The system lets you gather information on patient interactions from their devices wherever you are. For instance, you might request a lab test, complete the SOAP paperwork, and arrange follow-up appointments on a single screen.

Aside from that, Azalea EHR also enables you to modify one chart simultaneously. You can save time and resources by not waiting for others to edit the same documents.


For your practice, Azalea medical Software provides a fully integrated Telehealth solution. For both you and your patients, this function is quite beneficial. Particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic, when medical enterprises began to suffer from lockdowns, the telehealth feature was helpful.

You may give your patients high-quality care virtually thanks to telehealth. Through a video conference call, you can speak with your patients. Additionally, patients can conveniently attend appointments from their homes. Overall, telehealth is a great alternative to face-to-face consultations. Patients who cannot physically travel due to distance, age, workload, etc., can still benefit from them. Athena vs. Azalea health

Patient Portal

Your patients can access a patient portal provided by Azalea health EHR to view their current health condition. Patients can check lab results, look through medical records, get prescription refills, and pay bills, among other things, through the patient portal. In addition, you can use the MyHealthSpot mobile patient portal app from Azalea medical software while on the go.

Azalea EHR Pricing

Azalea EHR withholds its price structure from the general population. To learn more about the price of Azalea EHR, you can speak with the vendor on the website. Azalea EHR reviews claim that although the price is a touch high for small practices, the features it gives are worth it.

Our Two Bits

If you want to know which software we support out of Athena vs. Azalea health, we can’t answer that for you. This decision entirely depends on your practice requirements. However, you can schedule a demo and dig deeper into each software to learn which one is more suitable for your practice. 

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Athena vs. Azalea health – A Detailed Comparison

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