All Diamond Painting; Stealing Limelight With Top-Rated Servicing

All Diamond Painting; Stealing Limelight With Top-Rated Servicing

Diamond painting is an excellent piece of art that has made waves among DIY artists and has influenced the art world. It involves creating a painting by adhering to small resins that shine like diamonds on the tarp.

Brand Review

All Diamond Painting is an excellent and well-rounded place for art lovers. By introducing new tricks and techniques, it has taken the art and craft world by storm. In addition, the customers can send any picture of their own accord which they want to paint with the diamonds.  

When I visited All Diamond Paintings, I got engaged with the services provided by them, and I ordered a 5d diamond painting kit. It is a 20 by 20 cm square drill-type kit and carries handles, and it contains a soft and even canvas with a sticky adhesive surface. It also includes X30-X60 diamond packs having diamonds of various colors to fit in my painting, and also includes;

  • Two platters to stock the diamonds
  • Two stylus pens to take up the diamonds
  • Two wax caddies for the pen 
  • A tweezer as a substitute for the pen
  • Three wide tips
  • Two purple foam GR and everything was admirable

The best part of the kit is its packaging. The canvas is delivered in an eco-friendly reusable bag. Also, it has extra zip lock baggies for diamonds.

Here is an in-depth analysis of certain things about All Diamond Painting that I have a soft spot for and pleasure in taking;

Best Sellers            

All Diamond Painting is highly sophisticated and the best seller section for art and craft lovers. 4 out of every five customers who shop from All Diamond Painting claim that our Custom Diamond Paintings are of the highest quality and this thing also became the center of attention for me. They provide well packaged and delicate beads and no creased canvas. So, if you are a beginner and do not have deep knowledge about paintings, you should surely invest your money in their section.

Return Policy

All Diamond Painting facilitates its customer pool by providing them with a return policy. All the orders dispatched from the company can’t be canceled. You can only return your package after getting delivered or by contacting them within 12 hours of placing an order. The product should be untampered and unopened to get qualified for return or exchange.


All Diamond Painting is dyed in wool to provide its clients with standard products with exceptional facilities. The brand provides shipment to its clients all over the world. The average shipping time for USA buyers is 15-30 days; for the UK, Canada, and Australia, it takes 15-35 days. And the typical transit time for the rest of the world is 15-60 days.  

Non-refundable Goods

You should apply within 60 days since you purchased your product. But there are some items which can’t be returned. Custom paintings are also not entitled to return or refund. So it is crucial to choose the size of the custom painting according to the custom photograph.

Privacy Policy

All Diamond Painting is the best place for privacy-conscious artists. The company efficiently protects your order as well as device information both offline and online. The team only uses this information to contact you, shelter your order for fraud, and comply with applicable laws and orders. The information you provided remains in their record unless you ask them to delete it.


There are many features that make All Diamond Painting stand like a sore thumb. One of the most highlighted ones is their matchless prices. The brand provides top-notch products at attractive, handy prices. They have diamond painting kits ranging from 8$ to high depending upon your demanded product.

Tracking Order

All Diamond Painting also provides its customers with order tracking service. It helped me in monitoring my order at every pace of the shipment process. This maintenance of order fulfillment adds to their customer service.

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Affiliate Program

All Diamond Painting provides an Affiliate program for the convenience of their customers. You can avail yourself of a 10% commission amount by joining this program. Also, the brand will give you 16% of commission on total referral sales when a person buys using your affiliate link or coupon code. The only thing you have to do is to promote their website on several online channels like Facebook, Instagram, or offline channels ads, newspapers, and magazines.

Copyright Breach

All Diamond Painting well understands the delicacy of crimes like a violation of laws. They strictly obey the laws set by American Copyright Laws.  Also, they make sure that all the products displayed on their website are non-proprietary and do not have any copyright infringement.

Coupon Codes

Another admirable feature that makes All Diamond Painting one of the fastest growing and renowned sellers of diamond painting tools is that they offer handsome discounts and special deals to clients. Their “buy 2 get one free” offer also adds to their customer pool and reliability. In addition, if you are a USA resident, you can avail yourself of up to 30% off on all USA stock designs using promo code USA30 during the checkout time.

The Positives

There are multitudes of features that make All Diamond Paintings stand out like a mile. The following are the features that add to the reliability and authenticity of All Diamond Painting;

  • All Diamond Painting offers you 360 days return policy
  • The company provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • You can also get 24/7 customer support via EMAIL.
  • The brand provides you with secure payment methods.
  • You can avail yourself of incredible offers, including buy 2 get one free as well.
  • The brand promotes the accession of American Copyright Laws.

The Negatives

Since All Diamond Painting provides matchless services to their clients, it isn’t very easy to write negatively about the brand. But following are a few if you want to discern;

  • Sale items can’t be refunded.
  • All Diamond Paintings does not guarantee to receive the product you re-shipped to them.

Final Thoughts

I would say that All Diamond Painting is a relatively new but fast-growing diamond painting brand. It is established not only to introduce fun art and improve their clients’ painting skills. But also, it focuses on making you feel happier, relaxed, and even more energetic.

All these are the green signals, so if you are an artist, I highly recommend you shop from this brand and make the best use of your time and skills.

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