A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom: Steps To Renovate 2023

A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom: Steps To Renovate 2023

A bathroom remodel will take time, money, and possibly a few grey hairs. A few thousand bucks to freshen up an existing bathroom to six figures for a total restoration of a high-end master bath. It requires specialised experts with different skills to renovate a bathroom. You can exclusively design and plan a perfect map for your bathroom renovation.

Plumbing fittings are the toughest and the most complex task. It is excellent to hire a professional plumber for bathroom plumbing in Sydney. You will find that the plumbing fittings require drilling, changing pipelines, blocked drains cleaning, water supply connection and many more tasks. 

Prepare a process map for remodelling

A solid plan is the most effective approach to remodel a bathroom. It supports a sequential and a step by step procedure. You can accomplish the required development and renovation through a perfect plan. A process map will divide the task into various parts. It helps to complete the bathroom renovation in a fast and active mode. You can also take creative suggestions from the expert local Sydney plumber. They can assist you with your years of plumbing experience in Sydney. 

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  • Start with demolishing the fixtures

If you desire to remove the damaged wall and lose tiles then remove it fully. You can start from a new direction by creating a strong wall that can support you for many more years. Disconnect the old fitting and change wires of the electricity supply. It may take some time to remove the walls and floor tiles and rearrange them again. You can give the contract to a reputable company. They can provide you with efficient and sufficient experts. 

Install the bathroom equipment

You can install a new shower or a new bathtub. Identify the things that need a replacement and things that need to be fixed. It is best to contact the expert for shower repairs in Sydney. They can professionally fix the shower with durable solutions. You can also get the bathtub repaired if there is not so much damage. It is essential to keep the budget criteria in mind for better and cost-effective bathroom renovation. 

  • Toilet fixation 

The toilet seat needs perfect fixing with plumbing services. You can hire the best plumber for toilet repair. They can repair the plumbing issues with the sewer tank, drainage pipeline, and other repairing tasks. It needs major attention and finishing. 

Floor tiles 

After completing the installation task, you can move towards laying the floor tiles. The tiles should be of high quality and the design or colour should match the house decor theme. You can get the plumbing services in Sydney for the finishing look. They can fix everything perfectly with excellent solutions. A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom: Steps To Renovate

  • Start painting with the effective colour combination 

You can think innovatively in this particular task. It is a great idea to have wall art with the paint and colourful sprays that make a perfect style. The bathroom interior wall designs will have a unique look with the best painter. You can also choose to have 3D paint art on walls. The painters can also suggest many innovative ways to paint a bathroom. 

A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom: Steps To Renovate 2022

Final finishing touch

It is not a good idea to install everything roughly and forget the minor task. You will not get the perfect feel and look in the bathroom until you give it a finishing final touch. It is quite essential to provide perfect outlines and edges. You can provide the final touches and recheck the equipment if they are working fine. 

You can search for the plumber near me to get instant and emergency plumbing services. You will get accurate and relevant results for prompt services. 

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First Move Guide: Step By Step

Simple and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, one of the spaces you want to change is the bathroom.

Nadya Palacio, director of the  Alfa home coverings category, gave us some tips to do it and told us about the trends in colors, floors, walls, furniture, and accessories.

Keep in mind: A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom Steps To Renovate 2022

Total or partial remodeling?

It is important to consider the bathroom space and if the remodeling will be complete or only part of it.

A complete remodel involves changing the shower. Therefore, it is a bigger job. If you are thinking of doing it, keep in mind that depending on how old the bathroom is, it is advisable to take advantage of it and change the pipe.

“Generally pipes are healthy if they are 18 years old or younger . When they are over 18 years old, it is recommended to change the entire pipe to avoid leaks, because later if there is internal damage to the wall, it is time to change the entire coating and that is a new work,” Palacio commented.

How much budget is needed?

It depends on what is going to be changed, the materials that are wanted and the type of toilets and sinks that will be installed.

“An average bathroom is between 6 and 7 square meters . If it is a simple bathroom with a shower, toilet and cabinet with a sink, one would think of investing between 4 and 6 million pesos“, affirms the director of the  Alfa home coverings category.

And he added, “if it is a bathroom of about 10 or 12 meters and with higher specifications (for example, 2 sinks, high-tech toilets, among other characteristics), the investment can be up to 15 million pesos .”



A relaxation space

Like the kitchen, the bathrooms have been integrated into the other spaces. Apart from being an intimate place, it is a spa and relaxation spaceFor this reason, hydromassage cabins or showers with different jets are in fashion.

furniture organizer

The trend is furniture organizers because it is out of fashion to see jars, creams, and other toiletries in the bathroom. These allow you to keep everything stored, and thus the space will look cleaner.


This element highlights the saving of water. The toilets come with a double function, one for discharging liquids and another for solids; this is important because it allows you to save up to 6 liters of water.

Likewise, toilets hanging on the wall and those with straight shapes are in fashion.

floors and walls

When it comes to coatings, they must be light in color. Bright colors are being used on the walls in large formats because they give amplitude and designs from the 70s. As for floors, the expert recommends that non-slip feet be used in the bathroom, especially for the shower area.


For the bathrooms, the ones used are grey, beige, and taupe  –which is a mixture of greys-.

finishes – A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom Steps To Renovate 2022

Everything that evokes nature is in fashion: stones, leaves, flowers, wood, etc.

Thus, a key point in the bathrooms is the wood-type finishes. “Previously, one would not believe that wood can be used in the bathroom, but we already have ceramic and porcelain materials that simulate and resemble natural wood. It is completely easy to put this type of coatings because they withstand water, heat and are easy to clean”, Palacio concluded.

A Quick Guide For Remodelling Your Bathroom: Steps To Renovate

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