A Guide to Find a Sturdy and functional Laptop Stand    

A Guide to Find a Sturdy and functional Laptop Stand     

Working on a laptop non-stop for hours can be uncomfortable, especially if you are not using proper furniture. The poor posture and glare of the screen can stress your eyes, and you are more likely to get tired sooner. Hence, experts recommend using a proper laptop table or stand. With this functional accessory, you can raise your laptop screen to eye level, which also helps maintain a good posture. 

Laptop tables come in varied designs and materials. Here are some essential tips for finding a sturdy and functional laptop stand

Types of Laptop Table

There are two types of laptop tables – fixed tables and adjustable stands.

  • Fixed Laptop Table

The fixed laptop table has a simple design with no movable parts. The table provides a specific height increase to users. It does provide some tilt but does not offer an adjustable tilt or height adjustment feature. They are less costly than adjustable laptop stands. The table is also called a single height stand as it elevates the laptop to a particular level only. 

  • Adjustable Laptop Table

The adjustable laptop table features come with adjustable height and tilt features. It has an in-built mechanism that allows you to change the height and tilt of the laptop as per your preferences. These tables can be used comfortably by a large number of people with varying heights. 

The moving parts of the adjustable laptop table are prone to breakage, and you might face inconvenience while using it if the adjustment mechanism does not work correctly. 


The dimensions of the laptop table are a crucial element when selecting one. The correct dimensions depend on the size of your laptop. The base of the table should offer uniform and levelled support to your laptop. It should be wide enough to support your device. If you have a fixed space to work, make sure the laptop table fits in that space ideally before buying one. 

Vertical laptop storage 

Most people like to keep their laptops in clammed shell mode when they are not using them. Some laptop tables offer dual functionality; they function as a laptop stand and vertical laptop storage. The design of the tables can make it possible. If you like to keep the laptop in clammed shell mode, look for stands that offer both functions. 

Ergonomic Design

The laptop table should have an ergonomic design that prevents discomfort and bunching while working on your device for long hours. It should put your back and neck at ease while working. The right table will reduce the probability of soreness and pain after working non-stop for several hours. 

The design should also help in heat dissipation from the laptop. The support base should not block air vents or airflow to the cooling fan fitted to your laptop’s base. The design should rather allow air to circulate at the laptop base to prevent its overheating. 


Laptop tables are made of metals like Aluminum or wood. You can opt for any material, provided the table has pleasing aesthetics. According to experts, wooden laptop tables are stronger and can bear more weight than metal stands. 

With aluminum laptop tables, there is not much option in aesthetics. In wooden tables, though, you have a broader choice due to different kinds of wood like oak, pine, bamboo, or even composite material. 

The wooden laptop tables outclass their metal counterparts most of the time. A wooden laptop table is minimalist, beautiful, and subtle due to the fine grain of natural wood. Most wooden laptop tables will match your office or home desk. 


The material used in construction determines the table weight. Avoid buying heavy tables as it affects the portability and does not provide any additional benefits either. Look for a sturdy laptop table design that can comfortably support your laptop’s weight and is easy to carry around in your home or office. 


The laptop table should offer a stable platform for your laptop. It should have non-slip legs. It should also have rubber supports at the front to prevent the laptop from sliding off the surface. Tables with tilt have support like rubber notches that prevent the laptop from sliding off the table. 

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Laptop tables can be multipurpose. You can use them as study tables or while reading books. You can also keep your tablet on the stand while watching movies or videos. It means that after you’re done working on the table, you can convert it into your entertainment center. 

To sum up, these are some crucial factors to consider when looking for a sturdy and functional laptop stand. 

A Guide to Find a Sturdy and functional Laptop Stand  

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