A DIY Approach To Tackling Ear Pimples

A DIY Approach To Tackling Ear Pimples

Ear pimple is just another name for acne. This is not an age-bound condition at all, and can occur to anybody regardless of having acne-prone skin or not. When the pores in our skin get clogged up with dirt, oil and bacteria then these provide an ideal breeding ground for acne to be formed. Acne can develop in the form of a whitehead, blackhead, papules, pustules, cysts, and nodules. Therefore, ear pimples are a form of acne that can occur on the outer ear, behind the ear lobe, as well as inside the external ear canal.

The external ear canal contains hair follicles that produce ear wax and oil to keep the external ear canal moist. When these pores become clogged up with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells then this may cause an ear pimple to form there. Bacteria can cause ear pimples too. Although it may subside on its own if left untouched, most of the time ear pimples can be really painful so you might want to do something about them to get relief from the pain.

What Causes Ear Pimples?

It is important to know what factors are at play behind the formation of ear pimples so that you become aware of them in order to avoid getting breakouts in the future. The following factors can predispose you to develop ear pimples:

  1. Stress
  2. Hormonal Imbalance
  3. Having Facial Acne
  4. Using Dirty Ear Phones Or Sharing Ear Phones With Some One Else
  5. Sticking Fingers In The Ear
  6. Allergic Reaction To Hair Product Or To Anything That Can Get Inside The Ear.
  7. Dandruff
  8. Overproduction Of Oil In Ear Glands
  9. Ear Piercings That Get Infected
  10. Coming In Contact With Dirty Water
  11. Wearing Hats Or Other Head Gear For A Long Period Of Time

What You Can Do About Ear Pimples?

  1. Tea Tree Oil
    Applying diluted tea tree oil on the pimple multiple times a day can help in getting rid of the pimple effectively. As tea tree oil has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties so dabbing a diluted mixture of tea tree oil, about 5% in a carrier oil, will help get rid of any infected pimple.
  2. Hot Compresses
    It is not recommended to pop the pimple by your own self. What you can do is apply hot compresses on the pimple multiple times a day to encourage the pus to drain out.
  3. Over The Counter Retinoids
    Low strength over-the-counter retinoids can be used to dealing with ear pimples, however for the strong ones you will have to get a prescription from a health care provider.
  4. Benzoyl Peroxide
    Over-the-counter products containing 5% benzoyl peroxide can be applied on pimples present outside the ear, multiple times a day.
  5. Salicylic Acid
    Products containing salicylic acid are also effective in clearing pimples present on the outside of the ear.
  6. Antibiotics
    In case of severe acne that may be present inside the ear, a doctor will prescribe you an oral antibiotic for banishing the pimple.

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A DIY Approach To Tackling Ear Pimple

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