7 Simple Ways to Live a More Organic Lifestyle

7 Simple Ways to Live a More Organic Lifestyle

Living an organic lifestyle can be environmentally friendly and lead to a healthier and cleaner life. When you see how many products are not organic, it can be overwhelming. Living an organic lifestyle might not always be the most convenient, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. 

Here are seven simple switches you can make to live a more organic life.


You can switch to an organic mattress if you are in the market for a new one. This one is more of an investment, but a high-quality, comfortable mattress can last for over 20 years. Essentia offers high-quality, 100% certified organic mattresses that can be a great start to your new organic life.  


When most people think of going organic, they usually think of food. Buying more organic ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables, is a great way to live more sustainably, but sometimes organic food at a grocery store comes with a higher price point.

You do not need to have every ingredient in your home labeled as organic when you are beginning. If you are looking to improve organic options on a budget, you could always try your hand out at gardening and grow your fruit, vegetable, and herbs.  


One area that is easy for companies to sneak in inorganic products is the beauty industry. You can increase your organic footprint using organic skincare products instead of regular ones. 

You could try an organic jojoba oil as part of your skincare routine. This oil can be a great moisturizer and helps soothe inflammation. 

Dental hygiene 

You can replace your normal toothpaste with an organic and environmentally friendly alternative. Not only can you get organic toothpaste, but there are also organic alternatives to floss, mouthwash, and even your plastic toothbrush. 

Some organic dental products also reduce plastic waste by coming in reusable containers and using less wasteful packaging. 

Yard care

You can easily replace many yard fertilizers and pesticides with organic treatments. These organic options can even be cheaper at times. 

The organic label will help you feel like you are making a difference, but these options are often healthier for the pollinators and other good insects in your yard.  

Cleaning products

Replace the bleach and cleaning wipes in your home with organic alternatives to keep your home squeaky clean. These natural cleaning products often include ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, borax, and washing soda instead of toxic cleaners like bleach and ammonia. 


Making things yourself is the perfect way to save money and keep your products organic. You can find recipes online for almost anything you want to make organic, from beauty products to cleaning supplies. 

Final thoughts

While living organic can have significant benefits, you do not need to limit yourself to living an entirely organic lifestyle. Feeling too tied to a label can end up having negative effects on your overall health and well-being. Start simple with these tips and then branch out as you are able. 

7 Simple Ways to Live a More Organic Lifestyle