7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas

Garden Lighting

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas

Good lighting can be mood-lifting and downright transformative. An investment in outdoor lighting thus never goes wrong. Bring depth and contrast to the front yard design of your residential or commercial plot with expert service from Wise Owl Electricians – Local Electrical Installations. 

Here are 7 garden lighting ideas to dig this summer:

Strip Lighting

Strip lights are sleek, clean, and easily installable for indoor and outdoor decor. Besides using strip lighting for creating deep shadows along stairways, garden beds, and beneath window sills, you can use it as cove light for false ceilings as well. 

Usually, strip light packages come with user-friendly driver plugs that can be used to cut a long strip into smaller lengths. These ribbons of light are also great for lining your swimming pool with bright illumination and they are perfectly waterproof too!

Festoon Lighting

Whether you are interested to bring an amber glow to your garden seating or looking to add a dash of aestheticism to your courtyard restaurant, festoon lights make the cut. 

These vintage glass lights have an intricate tangle of coils inside, and when set aglow, they create lovely textured lighting. String these festoon lights over flower beds, patios, and open dining spaces to create magic!

Wall Lights

Before you get tired of those lackluster outdoor boundary walls, light them up interestingly! Wall lights can add depth, texture, and brightness to your garden space like no other thing. 

Install them in the niches of your modular walls and run the long cable along the boundary line in an integrated fashion. It looks neat and perfectly nifty!

Garden Floor Lamps

Style up your yard with patio lights that stay hidden in the grass, nevertheless, light up the place with a soft glow. Floor lamps are also popularly inducted in the outdoor lounge setting, backyard flower patches, as well as to an elaborate courtyard. 

Stay careful to pick them sturdy and waterproof for your garden!


Need an extra highlight in the dark for the most prized trees in your garden? Bring on the drama with spotlighting! Point the lights skywards from below the plants of your choice to enjoy the interplay of light and shadow in the boughs. 

Alternatively, find a wall behind a small plant and place a spotlight on the leaves to create interesting shadow lines on the solid backdrop of the wall. For a modern do-up, install the spotlights in the steps or at floor level from where the stairs begin to climb up an incline.  

Garden Lanterns

Lanterns are so vintage that they are still popular! Bring home Moroccan-style metal-wired designs, lights covered with warm-colored fabrics, and the rich and classy cast iron numbers. Place them on the floor or hang overhead, the effect will be stunning!

Pendant Lighting

Traditionally an item for indoor lighting, the pendant is fast becoming part of the garden world. String them sleekly from sycamore branches and lay a table surrounded with chairs underneath to sit and soak in the splendor for a long time. 

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