7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

Good lighting can be mood-lifting and downright transformative. An investment in outdoor lighting thus never goes wrong. Bring depth and contrast to the front yard design of your residential or commercial plot with expert service from Wise Owl Electricians – Local Electrical Installations. 

Here are 7 garden lighting ideas to dig this summer:

Strip Lighting

Strip lights are sleek, clean, and easily installable for indoor and outdoor decor. Besides using strip lighting for creating deep shadows along stairways, garden beds, and beneath window sills, you can use it as cove light for false ceilings as well. 

Usually, strip light packages come with user-friendly driver plugs that can be used to cut a long strip into smaller lengths. These ribbons of light are also great for lining your swimming pool with bright illumination and they are perfectly waterproof too!

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Festoon Lighting

Whether you are interested to bring an amber glow to your garden seating or looking to add a dash of aestheticism to your courtyard restaurant, festoon lights make the cut. 

These vintage glass lights have an intricate tangle of coils inside, and when set aglow, they create lovely textured lighting. String these festoon lights over flower beds, patios, and open dining spaces to create magic!

Wall Lights

Before you get tired of those lackluster outdoor boundary walls, light them up interestingly! Wall lights can add depth, texture, and brightness to your garden space like no other thing. 

Install them in the niches of your modular walls and run the long cable along the boundary line in an integrated fashion. It looks neat and perfectly nifty!

Garden Floor Lamps

Style up your yard with patio lights that stay hidden in the grass, nevertheless, light up the place with a soft glow. Floor lamps are also popularly inducted in the outdoor lounge setting, backyard flower patches, as well as to an elaborate courtyard. 

Stay careful to pick them sturdy and waterproof for your garden!


Need an extra highlight in the dark for the most prized trees in your garden? Bring on the drama with spotlighting! Point the lights skywards from below the plants of your choice to enjoy the interplay of light and shadow in the boughs. 

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

Alternatively, find a wall behind a small plant and place a spotlight on the leaves to create interesting shadow lines on the solid backdrop of the wall. For a modern do-up, install the spotlights in the steps or at floor level from where the stairs begin to climb up an incline.  

Garden Lanterns

Lanterns are so vintage that they are still popular! Bring home Moroccan-style metal-wired designs, lights covered with warm-colored fabrics, and the rich and classy cast iron numbers. Place them on the floor or hang overhead, the effect will be stunning!

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

Traditionally an item for indoor lighting, the pendant is fast becoming part of the garden world. String them sleekly from sycamore branches and lay a table surrounded with chairs underneath to sit and soak in the splendor for a long time. 

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

The largest forum for landscape designers globally: The Conference on Landscape Architecture, has recently taken place in San Diego, California. More than 6,300 professionals from the industry attended the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) congress, which, in addition to different conferences, also featured 360 outdoor furniture exhibitors.

Aspects such as the customization, performance, and resistance of the designs, both for commercial and residential use, have defined the novelties of 2020. One of the editors of Houzz USA Magazine has visited this edition and summarizes four important trends in this article.

Pastel colors are imposed

The range of pastel colors has been one of the absolute trends in many of the 2019 fairs, and it seems that it will continue to be so in 2020. This trend is now being transferred to outdoor furniture. Most of the brands lean towards softer colors, which, as has been seen, dominate their new collections. The French brand Fermob has presented its three new colors: Iced Mint, Clay Gray (both in the photo), and Frosted Lemon,

that since January 2020 are already in their latest collections. The brand has color as its hallmark, and it announced this when presenting its products for the first time in September at Maison & Objet: “these new colors provide a touch of softness, freshness, and light.”

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

Pastel colors are also present in the novelties of Kettal, the Spanish firm that stands out for its collaborations with prestigious designers and its versatile pieces that blur the line between exterior and interior. This year in San Diego, Kettal exhibited the Molo collection, designed by architect Rodolfo Dordoni, made up of sofas, a sun lounger, and a coffee table.

While the colors used in previous designs are brighter and bolder, mint green and light pink are the two primary colors of this new collection.

The large pieces are made of aluminum and teak wood and upholstered in Terrain: an acrylic polyurethane fabric designed by the Doshi Levien duo. The sofas are modular and are perfect to adapt to each space and style.

Mmcité, a company based in Torrent, Valencia, specializing in urban furniture and also designs residential furniture, has presented Stack, a new outdoor line in pastel shades such as baby blue, pinks, and pale yellows. The collection debuted this year at The Street: an annual design and architecture event in the Czech Republic.

The chairs, sofas, and tables combine galvanized steel and a variety of laminated woods with the possibility of including an exceptional waterproof upholstery for outdoor use. The design prioritizes ease of use, stacking, and clean lines. “We try to choose the right colors for each piece and its particular style,” says Brianne Sayers, manager of marketing and public relations for Mmcité.

High-performance pavilions

The exterior is today an extension of the home itself. The current furniture and lighting invite you to spend more time outside and extend the garden season. In this sense, brands such as Kettal have long been offering pavilions that can be customized to extend the outdoor season. According to the client’s demands, these structures are customizable and can be adapted to the climate, place, or season of the year. In the imagepavilion H, by Kettal, is available in seven sizes (from about 7 meters to 40 meters wide and long).

The structure is made of an aluminum frame and can be fully customized: from the ceiling, walls, and awnings to accessories such as lights, the electrical system, or the TV stand. Several options can be chosen for the roof, such as cedarwood slats, a waterproof sunroof, or an aluminum lattice. As for the walls, you can select between curtains, a tempered glass enclosure, a free structure without borders, and you can even order each division differently.

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

Renson is a Belgian company with more than 100 years specialized in ventilation systems and pergolas. Its latest product is Camargue Skye, a pergola with a retractable louvered roof, presented in 2017 at the R+T fair in Stuttgart, Germany.

The cover is made of aluminum slats that rotate to open and close, protecting the interior from rain or direct sun. The graduation of the slats allows natural light to enter the structure (in the previous models of the brand, this function already existed). The novelty, in this case, is that the roof is completely retractable. It can be completely closed or opened depending on the need for sun and visibility.

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

Like pavilion Hby Kettal, the Camargue Skye pergola can also be customized with windscreens, LED lights, etc. It can be installed as a freestanding structure in the garden or as a porch attached to an outside wall.

The photo shows a Camargue Skye model with the slats open, allowing the sun to come in and the air to flow. The structure is suitable for commercial and private use.

Corradi, an Italian manufacturer of pergolas and awnings, presented a pergola with a roof made of slats controlled by remote control. The aluminum slats can be rotated according to the type of light, the time of day, or the year’s season to create an outdoor environment that suits the user.

String lights for patios and gardens String lights

Subtly illuminate outdoor spaces while creating a welcoming atmosphere. They are also very versatile, as they add overhead lighting to outdoor garden areas and porches or pergolas.

String lights are one of the outdoor trends for 2022  Auroralight, a lighting brand from Carlsbad, California, introduced Catenary, a new linear pendant light system. The system is assembled with the brand’s lamps, brass and copper, and low-consumption LED lights. In the image, the company designed a model of the Catenary system with some of the lamps.

Another linear lighting brand, Tivoli, introduced Adapt, its new collection of garland light globes. The line features eleven styles of balloons with different shapes and textures, such as diamond shapes, frosted glass, or wavy textures. In this collection, the company has included low-consumption LED lights. In addition, the product can be customized to suit the client. For example, a lighter tone of lights can be requested, or their temperature and intensity can be chosen to control the environmental impact of the garland.

The combination of metal and wood

ASLA members work in both commercial and residential design. For this reason, many of the products presented at the exhibition are not intended for use in homes, including some outdoor furniture. But there’s a trend that we’ve seen at the show that’s gaining traction among Houzz users. These are clean line designs that combine wood and metal (in this case, white).

Victor Stanley, a brand specializing in urban furniture manufacturing products such as benches, litter bins, or flower pots for more than 57 years, presented Stella of Sunne: a new collection of outdoor furniture. These are benches, tables, and other pieces made of lacquered steel and ipe wood or recycled plastic slats available in various colors. In this case, the color of the works on display was a matte white, and they will be on sale in early 2020.

7 Residential and Commercial Garden Lighting Ideas 2022

The Forms+Surfaces brand presented a prototype of its new Factor chairs and tables collection. The brand’s purpose was to find out first-hand the impression of professionals and clients on the design and materials before definitively launching the product.

In the image above, one of the exposed chairs, whose structure is in lacquered stainless steel and whose seat is made of cumaru wood slats (certified for sustainability by the Forest Stewardship Council) or recycled teak wood (other options are also available. 

In the image, a modular and customizable bench from the company Mmcité, specifically the Landscape Compact model. The structure is lacquered galvanized steel, a customarily used material in street furniture. The seat and backrest are in tropical or acacia laminated wood.

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