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7 Internet Security Tips to Keep Your Crypto Currency Safe

7 Internet Security Tips to Keep Your Crypto Currency Safe

7 Internet Security Tips to Keep Your Crypto Currency Safe

When it comes to assets, physical assets still have their value, but the world is moving more toward web-based assets. Web-based currency was just a worldly concept at some point in time but it is very much true now. People have proper digital wallets to keep their cryptocurrency in and use it. Well, these things are pretty obvious as almost every person has his/her personal wallet.

With the developments regarding digital wallets and currencies, there have been major developments and advancements in cybercrimes as well. Cybercriminals are more efficient than ever, and every passing day we find out people’s accounts are being hacked and their digital currency getting stolen. Individuals, businesses, officials, and even militaries from all over the world have been affected because of the rising cybercrimes. 

Thinking that you might not be an important person to attack would be very naïve because cybercriminals look for people who are relaxed and indifferent regarding internet security. So, if you have digital currency and want to keep it secure, read along and follow the bellow mentioned internet security tips. 

  1. Get an ISP with Advanced Network Security

Network security is super important because even if you have kept your mobile phone secure, another unsecured device on your network could affect your device. So, keeping your network super secure and private is a prerequisite. One thing you can do to get advanced network security and privacy is to get an internet service provider that provides you with network security. 

Well, when it comes to that, our personal favorite internet service provider is Xfinity internet. When you subscribe to any of Xfinity’s internet packages, you can rent the xFi Gateway device along with that. The xFi gateway is a device that provides you with maximum coverage around the house, high speed internet, advanced network security as well as privacy. It has several uses but the xFi gateway is the best in terms of security as it keeps your entire network secure and adapts to your network to provide you with an extra layer of personalized security. 

  1. Keep Changing Passwords 

Another thing you should do to avoid getting your accounts hacked is to keep changing passwords. Even if one of the devices in your network or one of your accounts gets hacked, when you keep changing passwords, you can avoid getting your accounts hacked. Also, there are plenty of web pages that we open every once in a while, and when that is the case, any page could be a phishing attack that could eventually copy our credentials. So, changing your passwords every once in a while can help you avoid such attacks. 

  1. Unlink All Your Accounts 

One mistake that most people make in order to add convenience is that they link all their accounts. For example, when you log in to Spotify or Instagram, it asks you to enter your email or to open with Facebook, iCloud, or Gmail, in order to add convenience we link the account. By linking the accounts, things might seem convenient but if unfortunately one of your accounts is hacked, it will be a gateway for the hacker to the rest of your accounts. The best practice, in this case, is to keep all of your accounts separate from one another. 

  1. Use Strong Unpredictable Passwords

People are super indifferent when it comes to generating passwords. To save energy and out of laziness we often keep super predictable passwords, which cost us a lot later. No matter how many passwords you have to generate, make sure all your passwords are super strong and unpredictable. 

  1. Have Different Passwords for Different Accounts

Another big mistake that people make is that they keep the same passwords for all of their accounts. Having the same password for all your accounts is also one way to give the hacker a gateway to all your other accounts. So, besides keeping unique and strong passwords, make sure your passwords are not the same otherwise there is no point. If a phishing attack happens, and all your passwords are the same you will lose all your accounts. 

  1. Have Different Emails for Different Accounts

Similar to having different passwords for different accounts make sure you have completely different emails for different accounts. When you have completely different credentials, and if one of your accounts even gets hacked, you can immediately save the rest of your accounts because their credentials will be different. Remember, when you have a complicated appearance in front of hackers, they will not choose to attack you. Hackers are always looking for easy-to-hack accounts. So, take your security seriously and have a strong appearance. 

  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication Security (2FA)

Last but not the least, when it comes to accounts being hacked, our ID and passwords maybe with the hacker but if you have two-factor authentication security enabled, you will always get an alert when your account is being accessed on a strange device. Even if the hacker manages to get the credentials, you will be the one allowing or denying the login from your personal phone. So, the only thing you need to ensure is your phone is not being hacked. 

Final Thoughts

Well, with so many advancements around the world especially in terms of digital currency one must stay cautious and careful of their devices. So, we hope this information was helpful for you. Follow these tips and make your accounts secure and strong because if hacking your account looks difficult a hacker will avoid trying it. 

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7 Internet Security Tips to Keep Your Crypto Currency Safe