7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2023

7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2023

We’ve chosen seven reading apps that make books more accessible amidst endless streams of information: help you concentrate, give you extra knowledge, and save time.

Moon+ Reader

This app is known for its functionality to customize the interface. You can customize almost everything here, including setting day and night modes. This will appeal to those for whom aesthetics is important. Moon+ Reader saves time with features like creating notes and bookmarks to access what you’re reading and a built-in dictionary that lets you quickly find out the meaning of an unfamiliar word.

7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2023

The app is set up with a long-reading alert that will remind you to pause so you don’t harm your health. You can also set the alert yourself if, for example, you are early for work and the new book is too exciting.


The app is great for learning foreign languages and will appeal to those who like to read magazines, newspapers, and comics in addition to works of fiction. Nook library contains 4 million listed titles, for unfamiliar words, there is a dictionary. The app also has a handy search engine, so you can quickly find a specific place in a book or magazine.

7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2023


The advantage of the app is its maximum social component. It allows you to add other users to your friends and keep track of their book lists, as well as to share what you read on social networks. To make it easier to choose your next book, you can use recommendation lists compiled by the editorial team, friends, or famous people.

If you read from multiple electronic devices – phone, tablet, computer – you won’t have to waste time finding where you left off in the book. Your account will be synchronized across all your devices.


In a world that is accelerating, speed reading has become one of the most useful skills in the world. Learning to read quickly, but doing it for fun, can be helped by reading apps with built-in Rapid serial visual presentation technology. Reedy is one of them.

In addition to speed-reading practice, the app has several useful features, including bookmark management and a variety of supported formats.So if you used to think who would write my essay on literature, now the process of reading has become more satisfying and fascinating.

7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2022


You must register or sign in with your Google or Facebook account right away. There are books and stories uploaded here. There’s a little bit of literature available for free in the search. Most have ratings from users – you can read comments, leave your feedback, change the font, background. But you can’t take notes. There is a function to switch pages with the volume keys. You can create reading lists, add books to a private library. 

7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2023

Recent requests are saved. Everything in the search is divided by genre: from the usual classics, novels, fantasy to thrillers, horror, fan fiction, teen poetry, spiritual literature. One hundred million downloads. Ranked in the top 10 free on Google Play in the Books category.


A free reader that opens epub, fb2, pdf, DjVu, Mobi, RTF, txt formats. The app will show you all the documents that are stored on your phone. The library has books lined up in a list. The main menu captures the book you are reading now, read favorites. There are tabs with all documents, selections by author, series. You can adjust the mode of reading, flipping pages.

Adjustable and color scheme, fonts, line spacing, alignment, etc. The brightness level can be adjusted by dragging the left side of the screen. Bookmarks are made to pages, you can give them names, share them with friends. Disadvantage – you cannot isolate specific phrases in the text. More than a million downloads.


A free program for reading e-books. Bookshelf is only available in paid mode. Without a subscription, your books will be stored in the tabs “Favorites”, “Recent” or divided by author, series, categories. There is a search and file system from where you can go to downloads. The number of pages reads and their total number is displayed. You can change the font, size, alignment, styles.

The program has a built-in translator, it is available to change the background, wallpaper, text color. You can put any picture on the background, but it is done uncomfortably – in the selection mode, the files are displayed with icons and names, the image is not visible.

You can change the order of the menu items. There is a night mode. You can select the style of text selection (3 colors are available), by clicking on the tab, and then on the button “Change”. In the online library – download the magazine “Reading”, download literary articles. Over ten million downloads.

Being a student in recent years has been easier than when our parents or older siblings studied, with the arrival of smartphones and the support of developers who make life less complicated for students by presenting applications that go beyond games and social networks.

Below we present the 11 essential applications that every student should have installed on their smartphone; you will find applications that will surely be very useful to you and make you think, why didn’t I know about them before?

google drive

Formerly known as Google Docs, it is a file hosting service where you can also create text documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

It is beneficial for teamwork and taking your updated documents anywhere. You can upload any file and have it available on different platforms to forget about the constantly losing USB sticks.

With the latest updates, you can edit your files from mobile devices with the Google Documents and Google Sheets applications.

7 apps for reading that will be useful for students 2022

google drive varies by device: time table

If you want to organize your school schedules, Timetable is the best application to do it; it is also completely free, an application with visual simplicity that shows us the day-to-day pending schedule or see the breakdown per week; we also have three additional sections to include homework, exams and holidays.

For each note that we enter, we can section it by colour, time, where our class is and which teacher teaches it. Below each date, we have the pending tasks or exam date and a reminder of the pending ones for the next two weeks.

time table Version: ArcNote

ArcNote is designed to take notes using our Android, and these can be the classic written notes, audio notes and notes with photos using the camera. We have an unlimited capacity to generate these notes that we can later divide into categories so that it is not a hassle to find what we are looking for; in the end, they can be exported to PDF.

ArcNote also helps us correct the photographs by improving the framing, lighting, and stability, giving excellent results if we want to take the photo directly from the blackboard or a colleague’s notebook.

ArcNote: Wolfram Alpha

Imagine having information on countless topics on your Android in a fast, up-to-date and easily accessible way, as if you had a complete library in your pocket that WolframAlpha offers you.

A search engine specializes in different topics and has information collected from thousands of websites dedicated to research; all this information is filtered and categorized by modern algorithms.

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7 apps for reading that will be useful for students

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