6 TIP To check if a website is reliable

The internet has blessed us with a treasure trove of knowledge that is easily accessible at the click of a button. But unfortunately, not all websites (or blogs) are created equal. Misinformation spreads like wildfire online, so smart surfers use a set of “checkpoints” to help them distinguish facts from fashion.

It is important to remember that just because a self-proclaimed health professional has many followers and fans does not mean that the information they share online is reliable. In fact, the most bizarre stories often create the most attention. Brandsreviews.com As part of its Finding Common Ground initiative, an ongoing partnership between top nutritionists and leading journalists interested in anchoring their work in solid science, nonprofit Oldways shares advice on how to assess the reliability of a site .


Take a look at the person or organization that runs the site. Are the articles written by people with relevant credentials or background in the topic? Is the organization a reputable, established voice on this topic? In that case, it’s a good sign that the site writers have done their homework.


When was the last time it was last updated? Are new articles or topics added regularly? If the site has not been updated for a long time, you may not get the most up-to-date account on this topic.

  1. OUTSIDE HEADING6 TIP To check if a website is reliable

If a headline seems sensational or radical, read the article carefully to determine the source of the statement. If the actual story contradicts the headline, and if the points are not backed up with solid scientific research, it is a red mark that this site may prioritize clicks over accuracy. check wordpress metabox


Speaking of solid scientific research, check out what kind of evidence the website uses to support their position. If an article contains links, is it for peer-reviewed articles or for unknown blogs and low-impact news sites? Reliable websites are transparent about their sources and help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the topic rather than relying on opinion pieces or used news. Our 11 tips for reading a scientific study can help you determine if the cited science is current.


Who interacts with the site? If reputable professionals (such as doctors, physicians, PhDs, or other experts) refer to or share information from the site, others add confidence that it is a source of solid information.


If something does not quite feel right, it probably does not. Pax 3 review are not sure how something adds up, or if something posted seems too good to be true, leave a comment or email the author or site administrator to learn more or to inquire about their sources. Your comments can help others think twice! Also keep in mind that a person selling a product online may have a preconceived notion of how useful a particular product (or diet) may be. Reputable bloggers and writers will always reveal relationships and / or sponsorships with companies or products they mention.

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6 TIP To check if a website is reliable

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