5 tips to become mind-blowing in bed as a man 

5 tips to become mind-blowing in bed as a man 

The sexual expectations from being a man could be somewhat over the charts. However, it is important that as a man you understand the sexual know-how and can satisfy your partner in bed whenever and however. Becoming mind-blowing in bed isn’t a one-day off thing. It’s effective practice over time. So, if you are having sex-related issues in your relationship, the bulk of the duty will fall on you as the man in the relationship. However, there are several important tips you need to arm yourselves with if you will be acing every moment in the bedroom. 

Being awesome in bed is not majorly a result of your sexual know-how. Your partner’s input is also very important because while in bed, it still takes two to tango. Nonetheless, one has to be more deliberate about the sex being awesome and that responsibility rests more on you as the man. However, if you have been thinking of how to get better in bed, and you don’t know how to go about it, here are some of the few tips you need to have in mind to be better. 

  • Rest when necessary:

This might not read like what you were expecting, but it’s important that you rest appropriately if you need to get better in bed. Mind-blowing sex comes from a place of rest. Hence, it’s not advisable to have sex when you are tired or stressed out because you might end up not satisfying your partner. So, always ensure you rest well, take a cold shower, eat something and rest; it’s revitalizing after which you can now have sex accordingly. 

  • Learn from porn clips:

Each time sex is discussed; porn cannot be excused because they work hand in hand. Although porn has been bastardized, it still doesn’t mean its effect won’t be felt when applied correctly. So, if you plan on getting better sexually, or you want to start having mind-blowing sex, watch as many porn clips as possible. There is more than enough porn content online that could help you get better in bed and satisfy even your partner more. 

  • Don’t forget the sex toys:

One of the main reasons why sex gets boring is because the same thing keeps coming up over and over again. If you need to improve on your bedroom duties, you need to improvise. There are several means of improvising with your partner, but one of the most effective is by using sex toys. Having the male sex toys readily available to spice up the sex will not only make the sex enjoyable for your partner, but it will also make you enjoy the intimacy more. Sex toys are such that they help the intimacy get stronger, and what would take about 10 minutes might end up taking just 5 minutes. So, if you are in for some rapid and successive orgasm, you need to introduce sex toys into the relationship. However, you must be sure your partner is okay with this arrangement because that is one of the ways in which the adoption could be successful, if not, you might want to get other means. 

  • Masturbate before sex:

Most men get so stressed before sex that they don’t last 5 minutes for every round of sex. If you are in this category, you might want to start by masturbating before having sex. This will help you prepare your body for sex and also help you get the stress out before the actual. Masturbation has proven to be one of the most effective means of lasting longer in bed. So, if you want your partner to enjoy that mind-blowing sex, you need to consider masturbating. 

  • Pay attention to your partner’s body:

The only reason why you want to be mind-blowing in bed is because of your partner. So, it is essential that you pay more attention to them while in bed. Even with the appropriate men’s sex toys, you still need to focus more on your partner as well as how much they are enjoying the sex. If your partner is okay with talking while having sex, ensure you ask relevant yet erotic questions. 

On the other hand, pay close attention to their moans and gestures in everything their bodies and lips are communicating. All of these are some of the essential factors that contribute to mind-blowing sex. Your partner is your main priority when it comes to having sex, and the more focus you place on them and the sex, the more enjoyable the sex gets. Most times, you might not need to stress, just follow their dictates and see change for yourself.

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5 tips to become mind-blowing in bed as a man