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5 Tips for Your First Lesbian Hookup

5 Tips for Your First Lesbian Hookup

5 Tips for Your First Lesbian Hookup

There is a long list of things to consider when it comes to lesbian dating, whether we are talking about romantic relationships or just flings. And even though many girls know ways to approach their lesbian crush, how to talk to impress, and how to flirt to win their heart, a lot may wonder how to make a hookup not only memorable but pleasant to both parties. Because let’s face it, you can’t call a date a success if you know you haven’t pleased your woman enough.

Preparations are as important as the whole process itself, so for the purpose of educating temporarily inexperienced gay girls, we have gathered the most vital pieces of advice on how to prepare for your first lesbian hookup and how not to fail in the act. Dive in!

Cheap Sex Toys can be a great way to spice up your first lesbian hookup. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all cheap sex toys are created equal. To ensure that you’re getting a quality product, it’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. 

Safe sex comes first

The first and most important thing to mention is the safety of sex. And it means not only making sure your lesbian partner is clear and recently checked for STDs; it’s actually far more than that. Choosing the right partner itself is some kind of protection. Hooking up in clubs or other local drinking and partying spots is fun and adventurous, but that’s also the easiest way of catching something that will create problems for the month to come. So what are we supposed to do?

One of the easiest yet safest ways of finding a reliable hookup partner is engaging in local lesbian online communities. These usually are social media and forums, but they don’t offer the needed layer of protection, unlike modern matchmaking platforms. You can find dozens of them operating on the Web; just make sure to use one with a good security system. The next time you think, “Where can I find lesbian sex near me to meet my needs?” 

The best part of modern matchmaking outlets (That’s vital! Always make sure the platform is up-to-date!) is that lesbians can communicate in a safe environment online, asking each other questions and figuring out everything they need beforehand. And since hookup platforms gather only people interested in this kind of activity, there’s no need to worry about hurting someone’s feelings – everyone registers to find a conscientious partner for a night of passion.

Get your nails done beforehand

Safety – check. Now, back to preparations. Let’s be honest – almost all women love their nails done. Some prefer dark and sharp, some – a bit shorter, almond-shaped, and colored in pastel shades. But no matter your preferences, there’s an important and kind of sad thing to mention before you get to business with your lady. If you want to please her using your fingers, you’ll have to forget about long nails. In 9 cases out of 10, long and especially sharp nails will hurt the tender skin of sensitive areas, and no one wants that for sure. Even if you somehow manage to get your fingers inside, the discomfort you both will experience is not worth it.

The same goes for those ladies who aren’t into painted nails at all. Even if you don’t attend a manicurist every once in a while, you’ll have to make sure that your nails are short and tidy, with no scratchy edges. Don’t forget to take care of your hands, too – apply some moisturizing cream, remove dead skin from the fingertips, heal all the scratches and sores beforehand, etc. Not a single woman wants to be touched with dirty and rough hands, so make yours soft and all-ready to grab and squish your woman’s gorgeous body.

Take it slow

You know what unexperienced men and women are usually blamed at when it comes to sex, aren’t you? Well, there are many things, but one of the most off-putting ones is always rushing. You don’t want to look like a nervous bi-curious girl trying to get into a woman’s underwear from the doorway, so make sure to take your time.

Foreplay is vital, especially if your partner prefers tender sex. Take it slow; let the desire build up steadily. Cover her body with soft kisses and say compliments, even though it’s a one-time thing. You’re here to let the magic happen, so make the night magical with your own hands and mouth.

  1. Don’t make orgasming the only target

It’s hard to comprehend for some because the whole goal of hooking up is to reach the climax, but hunting an orgasm will not play into the hands. Sure, you’ll still want to make your woman finish, but chase the goal of making her and yourself good instead of just trying to make her cum the whole time.

This is why having a few conversations and discussing your tastes and boundaries before hooking up is important. Discover what she likes in bed, ask about her erogenous zones, share some spicy details about yourself. There’s no need to be shy or uncomfortable talking about these things; such an attitude shows your partner that her pleasure comes first for you. And believe us, she will eagerly pay you back with double passion.

Experiment with toys

And last but not least! If you’re unsure of your tongue technology, can’t work that well with your fingers, or just don’t know how to please your lesbian hookup partner, there’s a proven way to make her moan and tremble. 

There are so many kinds of sex toys on the market today that even the most experienced sex addict will find something new. The most popular are the strap-ons, of course. However, the downside of this toy is that it can be time-consuming to use, and it doesn’t always give you the level of pleasure you’re looking for. Meaning you have to learn how to use it properly beforehand, and preferably with a real partner.

A great alternative to the strap-on is a dildo, which can be used anally or vaginally – the choice is yours. Purchase one with a few vibration modes to add some spice. This way, you’ll have a multi-tool on your hands – you can work with it outside, making use of vibrations, and pleasure your woman on the inside using the length.

Now, knowing some of the most important tricks of a successful lesbian hookup, are you feeling a little more confident? We hope so! Make use of the tips above when planning your first (or next?) one-night stand, and make your woman remember you for her whole life.

5 Tips for Your First Lesbian Hookup

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