5 Simple Ways to Bring Elegant Style to a Small Kitchen Space

5 Simple Ways to Bring Elegant Style to a Small Kitchen Space

When you live in a small house or a unit and you have a small kitchen in your home, it may cause you to ask yourself, “how do I create a dream space that can work for me in such a tiny room?”

Yet, you don’t have to put a major dent in your savings to create an elegant kitchen area. 

From cabinets to benchtops and splashbacks (or lack thereof), there are several ways for you to bring luxury to your petite kitchen space and make it feel larger. 

Therefore, here are my five simple techniques for how you can bring style to the heart of your home.

Kitchen Curtains

One way to bring elegance to your neat kitchen space is through its window coverings. This is where kitchen curtains can help and where the smallest choice can make a big difference. 

By using lightly colored or even white curtains, you can open up the room by giving the concept of abundance and light.

It is also wise to avoid using dark colours with window coverings, as this will cause your room to feel more confined and claustrophobic.

By choosing appropriate curtains for the room, you can make sure that the elegance of the style you choose comes shining into your kitchen.

Use walls for shelving and storage

When dealing with limited space within your kitchen, the best thing to do is to keep your benches tidy and be selective about your storage options. 

One of the best ways to do this is to use your walls for shelving as a way to store your extra glassware and help to keep your kitchen utensils out of cabinets and drawers. 

This can help as unnecessary cabinets can often limit the number of square metres you have and cause an overcrowded layout. 

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Choice of layout:

Another easy way to create a more attractive style into a small kitchen space is by choosing the order of your layout wisely.

Not only will this allow you to open up the room, but it can also enable a more cohesive and better flow between areas such as your dining and living rooms, whilst making sure it doesn’t become restrictive. 

Provided you can adjust the arrangement, the best type of layout for a small kitchen is the galley layout, like those on ships. 

Whilst it may look tight, with being in a corridor, things are made to be compact and storage is reserved for upper levels, leaving benches free for easy use. 

Choose white to expand the space:

When trying to work with a tiny kitchen and give the illusion of spaciousness, it is best to acknowledge that white can be your friend.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘but won’t white make it look bland and sterile and lifeless?’ 

I can understand being hesitant. White can be a concern for those reasons. However, you’d be surprised how like colour, white, being a shade, has many different gradients of tone.

From off-white to acrylic white, many grades can help complement those such as a stone benchtop or that of your timber dining table.

According to interior decorator, Emily Henderson, “White paint will help spread and reflect light around, which also makes space seem bigger.”

Use a light colour palette:

If you are going to experiment with colour, use light colors and hues to brighten up the room and make things appear wider. 

This way, you can create accents and pops of colour without zoning your culinary area, making it feel more open and inviting. 


Hence, there are some of my simple techniques for how you can make a tiny kitchen work for you, even with minimal changes. 


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