5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date 2023

5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date 2023

Making a woman fall in love with you is no small feat. In fact, it might just be the hardest thing that you ever do in your life. You should know by now that everything important starts on the first date. This interaction lays the groundwork for success and lets your partner know whether they have found someone that is right for them or not.

Too many guys are failing the challenge put forth by the first date, but we have come up with five major tips that will help you get the start to your journey that you need to be highly successful. Take a look at these tips to get the most fruitful relationships possible. 

Here Are Some Useful Tips to Make First Your Date Successful

How can you make the women you take out on a date want to be with you forever? It may seem silly, but it is a question that many lovelorn men have asked throughout the years. With so much feedback from men who have been successful in this endeavor (and information from guys that have failed), we have put together a complete list of the elements of your first date you must nail to get the best results.

Do not worry—this is no simple listicle. We are going to provide you with in-depth discussions of the five simple tips that will give you the best chance of getting the romantic results you desire. Get ready to change your outlook on romance and start stunning your romantic partners with your love! 

  1. Start with a Stunning Compliment

Before you start getting involved in romance, you need to ensure that you have a receptive partner. By using the seekmeetdate website, you can show off your dating skills and diversify your routine evening. After you have settled on when and where to have a date, you can start the process of wooing her in a way that will leave her stunned and breathless. 

The very first tip that you should follow when you are going out on a first date with a woman is to give her a great compliment to start off the evening. That will help set the tone and make her feel incredibly special. Now, we do not want you to look at this tip and then determine the best thing you can do is say that she has nice shoes.

5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date
5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date

That’s too mild and not likely to make her change the opinion she has about you. You also do not want to go overboard and tell her that you have been dreaming about her all week. You will want to give her loving, beautiful compliments that she will mention to her friends as soon as the date is over.

Basically, you are going to follow a few smaller rules when you are thinking of these niceties. 

  1. Be specific.
  2. Focus on your date’s appearance.

These rules only apply to the first compliment that you give your date because they are the only things that you can say about her. You have not had the chance to talk yet, right? With that in mind, you should try to focus on her face, clothing, or hair. That way, you can talk about the effort she put in to look nice, let her know she’s attractive, and give yourself a chance to gauge her interest. 

Here are some example compliments that you can provide to your partner on the first date:

  • I love the way you wear that dress;
  • Your makeup is gorgeous;
  • That hairstyle really highlights your hair. 

These are great compliments that are not too invasive; they will get the date off on the right foot and help you break the ice. Still, you should observe other rules while you are paying compliments as well. These dos and don’ts will make your date more accepting of your language. 


  • Talk about specific items of clothing.
  • Mention her physique in reference to what she’s wearing.
  • Tell her she looks amazing without sounding obsessed.
5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date 2022


  • Make suggestive comments about her body (that’s not a first-date thing to do).
  • Compliment her too hard.
  • Provide her with backhanded flattery (You look good for a heavier girl).

These tips will help you stay in the proper lane when you are trying to win over a romantic partner at the start. 

2. Tell Interesting Stories About Yourself

Once the date is underway, you need to learn how to talk and how to listen to your partner. That means making time for her to tell you stories, asking her questions, and listening to her responses to figure out where you can insert your personal experiences into the story. 

As the initial conversation starts to wind down a little, you will have plenty of time to start telling your date stories about yourself. Typically, this will happen after you go out to eat or when you just have a few drinks with each other. The stories you tell are going to reinforce what you want her to know about you, so they have to be chosen carefully. 

While this might sound conceited, you have to remember the kind of man that women want. They do not want a passive and boring individual that has never done anything fun or adventurous. The entire point of the first date is to let your partner know what kind of person you are, so if you do not make an impression, they are not going to seek a second date with you. You only get a single shot to make a good image of you, so you must be prepared to tell her stories that contribute to a positive image of you as a fun, interesting, mysterious man. 

So, it is time to put all of your cards on the table and tell your partner some great stories about things you have done and things that have happened to you. Now, most men get to this point and ask, what kind of stories should I tell my partner? Telling stories to your partner comes with its own set of guidelines that we are going to share with you. Take these additional tips to heart and make certain that you come to the first date loaded with wonderful stories to tell.

Do not tell her any story about an ex-girlfriend.

Nobody on the whole planet has ever wanted to hear a story about a person’s former lovers when they are on the first date with someone. Not only does that show you are not over the last person you are dating, but it is also somewhat disrespectful to the person that you’re trying to date at that moment. If you do slip up and start telling a story about an adventure you had with your ex, try to cut them out of the story or make it seem like a friend. Backpedal at all costs and avoid this topic, or you may find that your date suddenly has to leave. 

Tell her stories about times when you were embarrassed.

When thinking about the stories you will want to tell your partner, it is wise to think about times when you were very embarrassed. Women love when guys talk about the things that make them seem more human and approachable. You can tell her about the time that you tried a drink that made you sick or that time when you went to dunk the ball in basketball and missed. You’ll both laugh, and she will see that you’re not too full of yourself or egotistical. 

Talk about places where you have been and where you hope to go in the future.

Women love to be with guys that have been to unique places and done things that they have never attempted on their own. That is why you should consider the travels you have undertaken, the times you have spent in cities, and the cool places you have been throughout your life. Tell her about the French Club trip you took to France or the time you ended up spending the night in New York City’s Grand Central Station because you missed your train home. She will hang on to your every word if you come up with a tale that is interesting enough. We’re not going to suggest that you outright lie to your date, but it might be worth it for you to embellish your tale just a little bit. 

Mention a major success in your life, something that you’re proud of doing. 

The last kind of story that you should consider telling your romantic partner on the first date is about your accomplishments. Women love to be with men that have achieved great things. Who doesn’t want to be with a person that has been published in Forbes or has climbed Mt. Rainier? You should always consider talking about the things that you have done that have made you proudest. Such stories provide your partner with an idea of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going. 

After you have told her a story or two, you can use her reactions to the tales as a segue into asking her questions. The chances are good that she is going to ask some questions as you tell her the stories in the first place, but you should always have some questions prepared just in case. 

For example, if you just told her a story about a time when you were playing with your siblings and made a boneheaded mistake, you can ask her about her family and get her talking. Remember that people love to talk about themselves and their experiences to others. The longer the conversation goes, the better you will feel, and the more positively you will be considered by your date. 

Follow the rules we have laid out about telling your date a good story, and she will be entertained at the least or highly interested in you at the most. 

3. Be Aware of Body Language

According to various studies, roughly 93 percent of all communication is non-verbal. What does that have to do with your first date? Everything! If you just finished telling her a story and she is smiling, twirling her hair, and looking in your eyes, you can tell that she is hooked on your every word. On the other hand, if your date is scowling and glancing down and away, you can understand that she is not feeling positive vibes. 

The bottom line is that you have to be aware of the body language that you and your partner exhibit throughout the first date. That will help you determine whether you are giving off the right vibes to keep your date interested or whether it is time to shift gears and try something else to get your partner interested and engaged. 

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The Body Language You Need

Men have different elements of body language that they need to recognize when they are on a date. You should make sure to exhibit this body language if you want your partner to feel as though you are interested and also to attract her. 

The best thing you can do is make frequent eye contact to let her know that you are interested and attracted to her. She might look away at some points, but she will more likely return your gaze and start a smoldering connection. 

Guys should also make an effort to sit with good posture and demonstrate their physique. You want to look large with your shoulders back and sitting up in your seat. Try not to look too stiff when you are taking part in these gestures, though. 

You will do better if you accentuate your physicality and allow yourself to feel engaged in the conversations and date as a whole. 

The Body Language of Your Date

Let’s continue with the body language you need to watch for on a date to see if they are interested in you. A woman that enjoys your attention will tend to smile at you with her lips parted (showing teeth), and her eyes will smile, too. 

You can also tell by a woman’s posture if she is interested. Women tend to show off their necks and chest when they are interested in the man sitting across from them on the date. They want your attention, and they’re showing their body off to get it. It’s a very subtle thing but also recognizable. 

She will also have “open” body language, such as keeping her arms uncrossed and her shoulders back. That means she feels safe and open to you. 

If a woman is uncomfortable around you, she will demonstrate other body languages that you should consider. For example, she will keep her arms close to her body, her smiles will not reach her eyes, and her lips will be pursed. Furthermore, her eyes will not be dilated in the same way as if she were attracted to you. 

When a woman is showing poor body language, you should try changing topics, asking her a question, or see about going to a new place where she feels more comfortable. If that does not change her body language, then you might have a bad date on the books. It happens. 

4. Take the Initiative More Often

Another important thing that you should do when you are on a date is to take the initiative. We live in uncertain times when the culture demands that men are more passive than ever before. This can contrast with how the man feels as well as with what the woman wants.

The truth is that most women wish their men would take the initiative more often. The idea of a man asking a woman for what he wants is almost a callback to a bygone era when men knew what they wanted and were not afraid to ask for it. 

5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date
5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date

So, if you are a man that is asking out a woman on a date, you need to show initiative because it is attractive to women. The reason is biological: women like men who are decisive instead of fretful and worrisome. The ability to make decisions is something that a woman will look for in a man. If you can find ways to be assertive on the first date, then you will stand a great chance of securing future dates with that woman. 

To be clear: there is a major difference between a man being assertive and taking the initiative and a man being too overbearing and taking away a woman’s freedoms. We are going to review a few things you should try doing and some things that you should not try. 

How to Be Assertive

  • Pick the place where you go on a date.

Taking the initiative on a first date means that you should know a few different places to have some fun or get a meal. That means you should ask your partner if she’s up for a bar atmosphere or if she eats seafood and then take her there. You do not need to ask where you are going or anything of that sort. Get a general idea of what she likes and take her to a place you already know about. 

  • Order something that you desire at a restaurant.

A lot of guys will order something small on the first date, or they may avoid ordering their favorite thing so they do not give off the wrong impression. Make sure that you leave that rule behind. Order a steak or a whisky sour. Get what you want and never feel bad about it. 

Do not be afraid to be bold.

Assertive men need to be bold. That means that you do not have to be passive and agree about everything with your partner. Relationships need a little friction if things are going to catch fire and stay hot. Just avoid political conversations for both your sakes!

  • Ask her out on a second date.

At the end of the first date, you should not play the game where you wait three days and call her. Ask her out before you part ways. She will have already made up her mind about you by then. 

How to Behave Like a Jerk (Things to Avoid)

  • Do not place her food order for her.

Taking the initiative is one thing; putting words in her mouth is another. Feel free to order side dishes for her to try, though. 

  • Make sure you listen to her suggestions

If she says that she had a bad experience with something you want to try, like paintballing or golfing, make sure you take her feelings into account and avoid those things. Do not presume to tell her to enjoy things for your benefit. 

  • Do not ever try to force physical connections on the first date.

There will be times when you are feeling such a connection with your partner on the first date that it will end in a kiss. You will always know the right moment to kiss your date. If you are not sure, then do not try to kiss, touch, or hug on your first date, or you will drive them away from you. 

There is a right way to be assertive, and there is a wrong way to be assertive. Use these ideas to take the initiative. 

5. Be Confident and Charming

The last tip that you need to follow when trying to get someone to fall in love with you on the first date is to be confident and charming. Confidence is different than assertiveness, though. It’s about showing your date what you are really like without being passive. You must also be appealing to your date by being a good partner. We’ll show you how to do both. 

A major part of your confidence is going to be reflected in the way that you are dressed. You need to do your homework and find out which kinds of clothes look best on you and reflect the persona that you have cultivated on behalf of this romantic interaction. That means you have to wear the clothes in which you are comfortable but also look your best. A nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt are a good mix when you are trying to impress your date. 

5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date 2023

Another element of your confidence is going to be participating in the conversations that you and your partner are going to have. You need to be open, honest, and consistently involved. You have to act as though you are equals with your partner. People can sense when you are deferential with them, and that can make you seem like a weak man, something you want to avoid. 

The important part of confidence is acting relaxed. You can be sweating buckets in your undershirt and worrying about every little detail, but never let that show on the outside. Smile, joke, and continue to focus on your strengths to keep your partner interested in you. Fortunately, you can get a little liquid courage by having a drink with dinner. Also, you can fake confidence until you feel confident. 

5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date 2023

Being charming involves making a woman feel wanted. This is not as challenging as people make it out to be. Here are several ways to make yourself more charming and appealing to ladies. 

  • Compliment your partner (we’ve already been over this).
  • Make sure you meet your partner’s gaze, and don’t be the first to break it.
  • Find things that you have in common and talk about them.
  • Listen to your partner.
  • Tell them you agree with them about things you believe.
  • Respect their decisions and thought process.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your feelings about them or topics.

Men are most charming when they are demonstrating that they know how to be a good partner. Women like men that have the confidence and strength to hold their own but know when to use cunning to avoid negative situations. 

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Being charming and confident with your date might seem hard, but it is something that you can practice by recognizing your strengths, avoiding your weaknesses, and practicing holding a good, interesting conversation.

A first date is a major event for any couple. It can be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship that will define your entire life. That is why you have to prepare for every first date like it will be the foundation of your days to come. 

Whether you have asked someone out after meeting them for the first time or just started up a chat with them, you are bound to have a good experience when you use the tips that we provided. Using the five simple tips that we have given you in this article, you can practice perfecting your dating technique and getting the best results from your romantic escapades. Internalize these lessons and experience true dating success.

5 Simple Tips to Make a Girl Fall in Love on the First Date

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