5 Reasons to Get a Purebred Puppy

5 Reasons to Get a Purebred Puppy: Some of the most popular purebreds, such as lab puppies, retriever puppies, and German shepherd puppies, can come from reputable, ethical breeders.

If you’re considering getting yourself or your family a new furry friend, consider these 5 reasons to get a purebred puppy. 

Purebred puppies are more predictable 

Overall, purebred puppies are far more predictable than mutts. When you adopt from a shelter, you can often only get the facility’s best guess on a puppy’s breed, background, and behavior. Getting a purebred puppy eliminates that guesswork, which can be crucial.

Purebred pups are highly predictable animals. You can often trace the bloodline of these pups back several generations, giving insight into the dog’s temperament, appearance, size, grooming needs, nutritional needs, and more.

Purebred puppies can serve a specific purpose 

Many people buy purebred puppies because they have a specific purpose in mind. For example, lots of purebred pups go on to become very intelligent and successful hunting dogs. 

Pointers and retrievers learn to hone their natural hunting instincts to accompany their owners in search of upland birds, ducks, small game, and more. 

That’s not to say mixed breeds and mutts can’t be trained to hunt or do other specific tasks, but purebreds come with instincts and predictability that make it easier. 

Buying a purebred means supporting ethical breeders 

Being a puppy breeder may sound like a dream job for animal lovers. Still, it takes a lot of time, work, and money to successfully and ethically breed dogs. It’s not as profitable a business as you might think. 

Ethical breeders won’t abuse female dogs by over-breeding. They also pay costs like veterinary bills, AKC litter registrations, food, grooming, housing, and more. 

Buying a purebred puppy often means supporting a local, small business with quality dogs, ethical practices, and a lot of love for their animals. 

Purebred puppies are less likely to have health issues

Some experts argue that purebreds are more likely to have genetic health issues like heart disease and hip dysplasia due to similar genetics.

While it’s true that dogs with these inherited conditions can pass them onto their puppies, ethical breeders are less likely to continue breeding a dog that has certain health conditions to avoid this happening. 

On the flip side, mutts usually come with unknown bloodlines, which puts a huge question mark on the issue of their overall inherited health. 

You can still rescue a purebred puppy

Many people argue for adoption over purchasing a purebred puppy because many mixed breeds and mutts are stuck in shelters worldwide. 

It’s true that these dogs exist and need homes, but breed rescues exist that specialize in finding homes for purebred pups.

If you have your heart set on adopting a puppy but like the idea of a predictable, healthy, and stunning purebred, you don’t have to choose. You can easily search for purebred rescues in your area to rescue the breed of your choice. 

Before you go

Ultimately, deciding whether you should get a shelter mutt or a purebred puppy is up to you and your convictions. However, purebred puppies can make wonderful pets, and you can find them at reputable breeders and purebred shelters globally. 

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5 Reasons to Get a Purebred Puppy