5 Interesting Ways To Consume LSD In Canada

LSD, or Lysergic acid diethylamide, is one of the most powerful hallucinogens in the world. This drug can be taken by mouth or injected into a muscle and produces powerful mental effects, like pleasure and happiness, lasting up to 12 hours.

However, LSD is still used illegally by people who want to experience altered states of consciousness. If you’re seeking to consume LSD for pleasure, this article will discuss the five exciting ways to consume LSD. You can search for “LSD and the Measure of Pleasure” on Google for more information regarding using it for such effects. 

Why Do People Love To Consume LSD Over Weed?

As the name suggests, LSD is a potent hallucinogen. It’s a psychoactive drug that alters your perception and makes you feel like you are in another world. A single dose of it can last up to 12 hours, depending on how much you take and how your body reacts to it. The effects of the drug start to kick in within 30 to 90 minutes after consumption and will last for about 8 hours before wearing off altogether.

The high from LSD has been described as more substantial than weed or mushrooms because it lasts longer, but this isn’t always true since some people enjoy getting high from both types of drugs without experiencing any adverse effects on their health or life span. Some studies show that consuming cannabis might help reduce anxiety and depression over time while also improving your moods throughout the day!

5 Interesting Ways To Consume LSD In Canada

This section will discuss different methods to consume LSD in Canada. They are as follows:

Liquid LSD

Liquid LSD can be consumed by either oral ingestion or injection. As you may have guessed, LSD is not water-soluble, meaning it will only dissolve in lipids (fats), such as olive oil, vegetable oil, and butter. Because of this property, it is often put into capsules or other edible forms before ingestion.

The amount of liquid LSD in one dose varies widely depending on how much dilution has been done with the carrier agent (e.g., olive oil). For example, approximately 0.2 mL of undiluted liquid would be considered a single dose of 100 µg; whereas if the same concentration was diluted to 40 µg/mL for oral administration with an average adult male weighing 100 kg (220 lbs), then the required dosage would be 5 mL or 50 times less than if it were used at its undiluted strength!

Sublingual Absorption

Sublingual absorption is absorbing a substance through the mucous membranes under your tongue. The idea behind sublingual absorption is that you use your body’s natural defense system to absorb chemicals through your mouth instead of injecting them or digesting them in food.

The main difference between sublingual and subcutaneous absorption is that with subcutaneous absorption, you’re absorbing substances directly into the bloodstream via injection or other invasive methods. Sublingual absorption involves only absorption through the mucous membranes below your tongue, which means it’s slightly less risky than other forms of drug administration since it doesn’t involve needles or other medical equipment.

Gel Tabs

Gel tabs are small gelatin squares that are easy to swallow or chew. While they aren’t as popular as blotter paper, gel tabs can be more potent than liquid LSD or the blotter paper.

Gel tab doses usually range from 25-100 micrograms (mcg), but some contain as much as 200 mcg per dose. Since the effects of the drug last longer than those of other drugs like alcohol, it’s essential that you wait at least 12 hours before taking another dose if you’re unsure about your first one—although most users report feeling the effects within 30 minutes after ingestion.

5 Interesting Ways To Consume LSD In Canada


Microdots are one of the most common ways to consume LSD, and for a good reason: they’re easy to make at home. While you can buy microdots online from vendors, some people find that making their own is more fun.

To create your microdot:

  1. Take an ordinary piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and put a drop or two of liquid LSD on it (there will be instructions included with your order).
  2. Place a tiny piece of scotch tape over each droplet so that it sticks to the paper without soaking into it.
  3. Once this is done, allow the acid to dry completely before peeling off the tape.

Blotter Paper

Blotter paper is an LSD-soaked piece of paper designed to be consumed orally. People have used it for decades, but its history is relatively short. This method became popular among hippies who wanted to avoid getting caught by law enforcement officers while taking psychedelics like acid or magic mushrooms at festivals.

Blotters are often sold as individual sheets with designs; they’re meant to be licked off by users who then eat the remaining paper because it contains psychoactive chemicals that alter perception when ingested in small doses (50-150 mcg). The effects of blotter can last up to 12 hours if taken correctly.

Blotters are generally considered a safer way to consume the drug than other methods. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and don’t require any special equipment. However, there are still some potential risks associated with using this method of taking the drug.

Things To Keep In Mind While Consuming LSD

It would be best if you kept some things in mind while consuming LSD in Canada. The first is to use a test kit to tell you if the drug is LSD or not. It’s important to remember that other psychoactive substances can look and feel similar to it, so using a test kit is essential for maintaining your safety and security.

Moreover, it’s also important not to mix LSD with other drugs, especially alcohol and caffeine (which should be avoided unless a physician prescribes them). Mixing these substances may lead to adverse effects on your body, such as nausea or vomiting, which might cause harm during your trip experience!


These are just some of the ways you can consume LSD in Canada. There are many more, but they all have their benefits and risks. Just make sure to do your homework before trying any of these methods!

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5 Interesting Ways To Consume LSD In Canada