5 important places for anyone who studies English literature of the 17th century

5 important places for anyone who studies English literature of the 17th century

British writers are well known around the world, as they have impacted the entire literature. For those who love the English literature of the 17th century and not only, there are a lot of places to discover. A part of UK tourism relies on the popularity of its literature, especially because there are lots of iconic places from novels to discover. To learn more about your favorite works and save time, you can use the service Writix, after reading an essay on this topic, you will be able to plunge deeper into that time and enjoy the journey

Students who study literature in school or university should visit five of the most important cities. Seeing in real life some places you have only read about in a book or novel will inspire you, but also help you picture more accurately the entire atmosphere of those times. Tourism in the UK has been boosted by the entire literature, so here are five important places to see. 

How did English literature influence tourism 

We can see literature having a promotional role as it depicts some places in books and novels that exist and that make travelers want to see them live. Even though the greatest books of English literature were not written with this role in mind, they have turned out to be great promoters of the English wonders. Here you can find the places where every writer spent their time writing books. Which might inspire you to write about your discoveries. There are examples of essays you can find and a sample of essay on any topic related to British literature. 

Canterbury, Kent 

An Attraction of England you should not miss. If you have loved the novels of Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer, then you should definitely see Canterbury. You will discover many places iconic to Dickens’ novels, such as the market and academy presented in David Copperfield’s novel. Here you can also visit “The Official Canterbury Tales” attraction, an experience that will immerse you into 14th century England. 

The Lake District, Cumbria 

Another attraction anyone who studies English literature should visit is the Lake District. It’s a National Park that is popular among families who want to spend some time away from the city. However, here you will find the place that inspired Wordsworth to write many of his novels. You can visit the house he lived in and discover incredible portraits of the family, but also the gardens how he designed them. 

Bath, Somerset

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen, then this is one of the cities in England you should definitely visit. Two of her novels were written during her five-year stay in Bath. You can nowadays visit important attractions such as The Jane Austen Center where you can discover more about the author. 

And if you manage to book your trip in September, you should know that there is an entire festival dedicated to her. Prepare to have fun and learn more about her talent during 10 days of activities such as tours, talks, and performances. 

Birmingham, West Midlands 

If you want to discover more of the places that inspired Tolkien to write The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, then you should go to Birmingham. For literature students, this is a great opportunity to be inspired by some of the most iconic places you find in these books, such as the mill of Ted Sandyman. And the most fascinating thing is that you can actually see the Waterworks Tower which served as inspiration for the two towers of Gondor. 


This list would not be complete without London, the city where the literary world is bursting. Here you can find a lot of literary attractions you should not miss if you’re a literature lover. You can visit Westminster Abbey to find out more about the iconic writers of England. In other parts of the city, you can see performances of the most important authors’ works, but you can also have an extravagant dinner as some authors used to. 

Final Thoughts 

Anyone who studies English literature of the 17th century would want to visit the places they read about in real life. This country has a lot to offer not only to students passionate about literature but to those searching for inspiration too. These are just some of the most important places you should not miss and that influenced many authors’ works. A lot more wait for you to explore them.

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5 important places for anyone who studies English literature of the 17th century