5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

Fibroids affect more than 80% of women but only 2o to 50% will have any kind of fibroid symptoms. They are growths in the uterus but they are not life-threatening or cancerous. Some women have them and live with them without even realizing it. You can have one or several and they can be varying sizes.

In a small number of women, there can be some health problems. Medicine does not know exactly what causes them though women who are overweight are more likely to develop them. Being low in certain nutrients is also a factor. Diet can not cure fibroids but you can lower your risk of developing them when you better manage it, and there are some foods that are good to eat when you have them.

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5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle

Most of the time no treatment is needed and even when you do notice some of the fibroid symptoms a doctor might want to take a wait-and-see approach. Those symptoms include,

  • Heavy bleeding on your period
  • Periods lasting for longer than normal
  • Having to urinate often
  • Leg pain and backache
  • Constipation
  • Pain and pressure in the pelvis
  • A problem not being able to go when need to urinate

While diet is not a cure it does help stop them from developing or if you have them it helps to prevent them from further growth and that can help with easing fibroid symptoms. 

Changes to consider

5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

An overall good approach to make is to eat lots of fresh and cooked legumes, green vegetables, fruit, and fish and to reduce red meat like beef, pork, and lamb. An example of a good diet out there is the Mediterranean diet. Here are some other things to do.

Reduce alcohol – Drinking alcohol increases the hormones that cause fibroids to grow, so cutting it out is a good idea. Alcohol also causes inflammation.

Consider how to better balance your estrogen – Having estrogen levels that are too high increases the risk and growth of fibroids and being overweight increases your estrogen.

Manage your blood pressure – Women with high blood pressure have more severe fibroid symptoms. With your diet and lifestyle, you can avoid adding too much salt to foods, check your blood pressure daily, lose weight, eat more potassium, stop smoking, limit alcohol, and exercise regularly.

Five foods to add to your diet or eat more of

You do not need to feel restricted with your diet, there is a lot of great foods you can still eat. Five examples of foods that can help keep your fibroids under control are;

  1. Raw Jarrah Honey is known for the many health benefits it carries
  2. Green vegetables especially high in fibre like broccoli or leafy like spinach or kale
  3. Foods that have a lot of beta-carotene like sweet potatoes and carrots
  4. Foods that have a high iron content like legumes
  5. Whole grains rather than refined
  6. Citrus fruits like oranges, eating two or more a day 

5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

You can also think about supplements that can help shrink your fibroids or at least prevent growth such as B-complex, Vitex, and fish oil.

5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2022

Things to Know Before You Opt for a Botox Treatment

It is unknown what causes them, although hormonal and genetic factors are pointed out. The most advisable thing is to go to an integrative doctor to design and control the appropriate complementary treatment in each case since he must consider various physical and emotional aspects.

Treatment can be complex and requires supervision.


It is necessary to evaluate, regulate and treat the hormonal axis: at the level of the sexual glands but also of the thyroid, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus. For this purpose, it may be helpful to take supplements or foods rich in nutrients that help this.


5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

It acts as a hormonal regulator, reduces capillary permeability, and protects against cell degeneration. It abounds in virgin vegetable oils of first cold pressure.

Oral contraceptives hinder its action.


It protects the mucous membranes, acts on the epithelium of the uterus, intervenes in the synthesis of sex hormones, and prevents sexual degeneration due to age. It bounds in orange fruits and vegetables.


Recent studies support vitamin D3 therapy as safe and effective. Involved in female sexual hormonal health. Its primary source is the sun.;


DHA has a specific action on neuronal tissues and regulates the reproductive system. It is present in oily fish and, for vegans, in the microalgae Crypthecodinium cohnii. Alpha-linolenic fatty acid, the omega-3 found in plant foods, can also be converted by the body into DHA.


It contributes to regulating the sexual hormonal axis and is an antioxidant and antitumor. It is found in cabbages and turnips

Cystic fibrosis is a condition that causes damage to the lungs and the digestive system, and other organs. According to the Mayo Clinic, fibrosis affects the cells that produce mucus, digestive juices, and sweat; these secretions are usually sticky and thick. 

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5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids 2023

Those who suffer from this disease have problems breathing and distributing oxygen throughout the body. In addition, they usually present cough, phlegm, and fatigue, the diet of these people are essential .so that they receive the necessary nutrients and their body works better.

According to information from the Pulmonary Institute, here are some foods that people with fibrosis can consume.


A person with fibrosis needs to get enough protein, and one way to get it is through the chicken. The ideal is to eat it roasted and not fried since being in contact with the oil can lose its nutrients.

5 Foods that Are Good When Having Fibroids

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