5 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks

5 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks

Spring cleaning is a concept that all Type As and other neat-freaks live for, but you don’t need to wait for spring to get a good deep cleaning session done. 

You can get to the nitty gritty cleaning of your home whenever it suits you best – perhaps just before the holidays is the ideal time for you or perhaps you like to wait for January. 

Either way, no matter when or how often you do it, here are some essential tasks that you should be including in your “spring” cleaning – at least once a year! 

Clean the Carpets

Cleaning your carpets regularly is not only important for making them look good, but for their overall maintenance too. Keeping them in good shape and making sure they last for years comes down to proper care. 

The best option here is to hire professional carpet cleaning services since it can be tricky to know the right products and equipment to use for various types of carpeting. By using a professional service, you’ll avoid causing any damage. 

Clean the Upholstery

Cleaning the sofas is not something everyone pays attention to, but it is an important part of home maintenance, especially for people who have pets or kids.

How you clean your sofa, armchairs and other upholstery in your home will depend on the type you own. Some sofas have removable cushion covers that can simply be taken off and thrown in the wash. Others might require professional cleaning or other methods. Either way, this should be done around once a year. 

Move All the Furniture

From time to time, you’ll need to make an effort to clean those hard-to-reach places in your home, and your annual “spring cleaning” session is the perfect moment to do so.

Move sofas, bookshelves, beds, appliances, etc. to dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop away all the dust and dirt that gathers behind these items. You’ll be surprised at how much dust you find there! You can also clean your ceiling fan, in between blinds, etc. 

Look Out for Mold

The media has made a huge fuss about black mold, but fortunately, it isn’t going to kill you. 

However, this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to simply ignore it, since it can still potentially make you and your family sick. Mold will often develop in moist, damp places, so look out for any signs of it in your bathroom, around plumbing, or even in the ceiling. 

Clear Out the Pantry

A final area of your home to sort out during your spring cleaning is the pantry. We all know how packets and boxes of food can end up way at the back, forgotten about, and going stale. These foods can also attract bugs and simply create clutter, so going through your dry items every so often is a good idea. 

Organising your pantry properly will also help you to avoid needing another declutter and clean-out in a few short weeks. Try to categorise your food and use storage containers to help you keep things in order. 

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5 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks