5 Different Styles for Various Body Types

5 Different Styles for Various Body Types

From petite frames to curvy figures, all bodies are beautiful. But as much of universal truth as that might be, it is not easy to find suitable fashion for different body types. 

Most of the time, you aren’t able to discover outfits that truly appreciate your natural figure. In some situations, easily available clothing is so monotonous that it becomes more or less a uniform instead of a style. 

To make sure that you find the perfect outfits for your figure, here are 5 different styles to try for various body types. 

1. Be Creative With Prints

If you have a pear-shaped figure, you have the flexibility to play around with prints. These choices include but are not limited to florals, abstracts, and motifs. Whether you are searching for the perfect swimsuit or the ideal workwear, you can find such printed fabrics to be your best friend till the end. 

You aren’t limited to dresses or blouses in this category either. From women’s petite pants to loose shorts, you can also choose between a variety of bottoms to add to your wardrobe. Just make sure that the prints you choose match your personal aesthetic, and you will shine bright with full confidence. 

2. Embrace Form-Fitting Clothes

If you have an hourglass shape, you have the advantage of showing off your curves. By donning form-fitting clothes that hug your figure in all the right places, you can boost your confidence even through the simplest of clothing pieces. In case you have a penchant for sewing, you can create a fantastic dress from something as simple as cotton spandex fabric.

These form-fitting pieces can range across a myriad of categories. You can also give them more oomph by going with clothes that accentuate your waistline. These options include but are not limited to peplum blouses, short dresses, and flare pants. This gives you ample room to show off your fantastic figure.

3. Go With the A-Line Style

5 Different Styles for Various Body Types
5 Different Styles for Various Body Types

Those who have the apple shape do great with flowy pieces. This includes silk blouses, cotton button-downs, and structured dresses. Loose clothing such as oversized jackets can also work wonders for your figure. If you have vintage pieces that are showing signs of wear, you can make use of them by learning how to repair a tear in a leather jacket

If you want to wear tighter clothing, go with pieces that bare your shoulders. This gives your form more structure and makes the most out of your beautiful figure. For added confidence, ensure to use a moisturizing body oil that helps your skin glow under the sun and evening lights alike. 

4. Obtain Tailored Clothing

For rectangle shapes, tailored clothing can be the answer to all their styling woes. If you have this body shape, you should look into tailored pieces such as structured skirts, blouses, and dresses. By layering them up with tailored jackets, blazers, and coats, you can obtain a look that turns heads for all the right reasons. 

If you want to play it up, use a long-wear lip color in red. This elevates your tailored outfits with an unmistakable boldness and allows you to bring more oomph to your wardrobe. While you shouldn’t over-accessorize, looking into jewelry such as pearl earrings or bracelets can also enhance your style.

5. Play It Up With Belts

There is no doubt that belts are a ubiquitous fashion accessory. But that immense popularity and common usage also works against them in some cases and makes it easy for you to overlook them. However, regardless of the body shape that you are working with, you should incorporate them into your outfits for more structure.  

Since you can choose your belts from a range of materials and colors, finding your aesthetic is not difficult at all. With that being said, make sure that you are paying attention to different types of belt buckles since they can often make your belt the star of the outfit. 

These styles of outfits ensure that you discover something that is ideal for your body shape. But this is just the start: By mixing and matching your outfits and choosing what you like to see in the mirror, you can build your wardrobe according to your figure in no time.

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5 Different Styles for Various Body Types