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5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

However, despite the advent of new and upcoming social media platforms, Facebook has remained above all. Each time there is a competitor, Facebook upgrades the algorithm to stay ahead of everyone.

The focus is on Facebook Messenger today. Messages are the most sought-after way to conduct conversation today. That is why the term “message marketing” has emerged. 

People are now comfortable with chatting instead of calling or constructing full-fledged e-mails. Therefore brands are using Facebook messenger to generate leads and increase fanbase on Facebook. It is probably the only place you cannot make a difference if you get Facebook followers.

If you are still confused about how Facebook Messenger works, take your cue from the article below.

Customer Queries Autoresponder

Everyone appreciates prompt responses. No one likes to wait hours to know the price of that gorgeous silk dress or that beautiful china vase. When customers drop questions on your post, reply to them via messenger.

It is similar to how we see it on Instagram, where business owners reply, “Check DM.” We also need to enter the “DM” similarly.

For a series of frequent and repetitive questions, create an automated response system. If they ask for your offline store’s address, there should be prompt response. 

The faster you reply to their questions, the more reliable and trustworthy you appear. It can also significantly increase fanbase on Facebook.

When you get an automated response, keep the following things in mind:

  • keep it to the point.
  • be remarkably creative and diplomatic.
  • sound friendly instead of too professional.

2) Make a group for the most recent deals and offers.

Adding potent customers to a group is like creating a web from which they cannot escape. Do not feel guilty. They would not be able to leave, fearing they might miss some amazing deal or a good offer. As a business, you can leverage this curiosity to engage them on Messenger.

Make sure your group is interesting enough to keep the people engaged. Apart from updating them on current and upcoming sales and events, they also create incentives. For example, spread a promo code in the group, which would be valid only for the group members.

Set up reminders in the group for any upcoming events or late-night sales, for example.

Many businesses buy Facebook followers and add them to the group. As a result it creates curiosity and attracts real people.

Your customers should have a solid reason to stay in the group. If the group does not serve its purpose, they would reduce to merely a crowd that does not benefit your sales.

3) Create a Call to Action

It may take a little more effort than the other steps, but it bears fruit. When you contact a potential customer via messenger, make sure you make them engage with your account. 5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Engagement lies at the core of every social media platform, making calls to action central to every digital marketing plan.

Let us take an example to understand how you can generate a call-to-action. If a customer enquiries about the price, you can inform them via message. However, to compel them to visit your profile, sow the seeds of curiosity. 

Your message should read something like this: “However, our website also has some more reasonable and beautiful pieces within this price range.” We only have a few items left due to heavy demand. “Do not pass up! “Click on this XYZ link to buy

Even if the customer does not buy, they will definitely explore your website, and it will increase fanbase on Facebook.

4) Utilize Facebook Ads

For business owners or entrepreneurs, the advertisements are inevitable in the digital marketing strategy. You need advertisements for greater viability and engagement. However, you can make our ads more effective by targeting them to the right audience. How do we do that?

You need to use Facebook’s custom audience feature. You can then go to the settings to adjust the audience to those who have contacted you via messenger or responded to you on messenger. 5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

I have conducted past surveys through Messenger. You can adjust this custom audio to get better responses. This way, you can narrow your focus to reach the right audience. It saves you time, effort, and money. As a result, you also earn a higher return on your investment.

This form of targeted marketing produces desirable results for business owners.

5) Reintroduce Potential Clients

Retaining previous customers is paramount to online business and digital advertising. When you have a pool of people who have purchased from you and are satisfied with the product, engage them in the loop with Facebook Messenger. 

Keep sending them updates on the latest offers, discounts, and deals. Constantly send them reminders of upcoming events.

You can make it more personal by sending them happy birthday texts. It can help develop a greater affinity for your brand. 

When customers develop a bond with any business or brand, they attract more potential customers. As a result, you can expect a boost in your sales. It also helps to increase fanbase on Facebook.


Facebook Messenger is the best way to reach people because more than half of Facebook users use their phones to access Facebook. With notification informing them of a new message, they are more likely to communicate with you. You can also credit the texting habits that have made us comfortable with text conversations.

As a result, customers are happy to ask and inquire via text message. 

All this indicates how powerful Facebook is in generating visibility and growth for any business. As you learn more about its algorithm, you’ll be able to use it better and market your products better.

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5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business