4 Things To Consider Before Buying New Sets Of Loungewear

4 Things To Consider Before Buying New Sets Of Loungewear

Formal clothes and casual wear took a step back as everyone got accustomed to the new life with the onset of the pandemic. Loungewear became the new norm and began to fill everyone’s wardrobe, along with a few suits and formal wear to show off for the morning meetings online. Generally reserved as house clothes or leisurewear, they took to being normalised as sleepwear and, in a few months, with a twist of fashion, were soon labelled as casual wear for small errands. But is loungewear that comfortable, or is it just overrated? 

Will Sleepwear And The Casual Pandemic Clothing Be A Thing Of The Past?

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has altered the way millions of people work, thereby changing the work-life balance as we know it. And these changes weren’t just reserved for work but may have crept into the way people dress too. With lockdown restrictions and online shopping the new norm, the need to dress up and flaunt the style has been slowly deteriorating and, in some cases, taking a new turn and breaking old trends. So, for example, loungewear markets have grown during this period of dormancy, followed by sleepwear demands, and Australians are now opting for the new blend of style with comfort. So there’s a new trend on the rise, and it’s here to stay. 

Buying Loungewear: What Are The Things To Consider?

So fashionistas have now found the best way to look good and be comfy without forsaking one for the other. But how does one go about and get a good set and take part in this growing trend? Here are some basics to look through first: 

  1. Different Types: Loungewear comes in different types based on functionality, and these are the most commonly bought sets in Australia: 
  • Hoodies: Made of cotton or silk and in some cases, cashmere, hoodies give wearers that soft yet elegant feel, especially if one is looking for something to wear outdoors. 
  • Pants: Track pants and comfy baggy pants are no longer relegated to just working out or just looking grumpy. Now, they are the go-to for many women in comfort wear, versatile enough to go with soft tops or cover-ups. 
  • Onesies: Comfortable and stylish, onesies make sure that the wearers feel snug and toasty during those cold winter nights or early chilling mornings. 
  • Pyjamas: Probably the most favourite loungewear sets out there, they are interchangeable as sleepwear too. With newer designs hitting the market, they are now sold as sleepwear and casual wear for errands around the house. 
  1. The Material: Cotton and silk are the two most highly sought after materials, with fleece being the winter option. For those looking for a more sustainable choice, there is plenty of that too. It’s best to avoid polyester and other synthetic fabrics as these aren’t best for the skin or the environment. 
  1. The Right Fit:  Relaxed pants and some sets of onesies may look better as baggy, but the rest should be of the right fit. This makes them good options for mixing and matching with other casual wear sets and is also the best way to flaunt one’s body image. 
  1. Versatility: The right colour and design should complement the wardrobe and not disrupt its visual appeal. A little research might be needed in this category before shopping to ensure that every casual wear can be worn both inside the house and outdoors and be versatile enough to be worn with other types of clothing.

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4 Things To Consider Before Buying New Sets Of Loungewear

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