10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2023

10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2023

Autumn is here and with energy prices soaring up, we all need to watch our spending. And it’s about time too! Summer is now over, and with the Christmas season just around the corner saving up and being frugal has never been timelier. 

Being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be stingy, it’s a matter of being more mindful of your spending habits. After all, there’s that good old saying about money not growing on trees. That said, it might be a great idea to find creative ways of making some extra pocket money. You’d be surprised to discover there are many ways to do this, particularly in your leisure time.

Certain people choose to do this in a fun way, by trying their luck with online gambling. And while it’s true casinos always have the advantage of winning (which is known as the ‘house edge’) you might be lucky enough to win free money. Some operators even offer $300 no deposit bonuses – so you’ll never know unless you try your luck!

Here are ten ideas to watch your spending this Autumn!

1. Meal Prep and Avoid Take Away or Eating Out

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Take the time to create a meal plan and make a shopping list to go with it before you hit the store. This will save you from spending extra moolah every month. We guarantee that the energy and time you pour into this weekly plan will distract you from the temptation of ordering takeaway or eating out.

Did you know that around 30% of food is wasted each year on a global scale? People have a knack for overstocking on veggies, which is the number one food item thrown away per annum.

Cooking cheap, healthy meals is more doable than you think. The Italians are proof of this with their Cucina Povera, which can be roughly translated to ‘poor cooking’. The recipes, invented over the years by financially restricted peasants in rural Italy, now characterize most of the Italian regional cuisine.

2. Buy Second-Hand and Vintage Clothes

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Pop-up vintage stores together with high-quality second-hand clothing shops, some of which are even available online, are found everywhere today.

Quality clothing or ‘name-brand clothing’ also lasts longer than anything falling under the ‘fast-fashion’ category. The fabric is of much better quality and feels heavier as it’s stitched to last longer.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on quality clothing either! You can visit outlet stores, end-of-season sales, or thrift shops to save money and invest in quality that is durable and built to last.

3. Cancel or Reduce Subscriptions

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Signed up for a ‘free trial’ to whatever app you needed for no longer than five or ten minutes a day? Did you forget to cancel it before it expired? We’re all guilty of doing this at some point.

One way to go about it is to spend an afternoon or half a free day scrolling through your bank statements on the bank app. Check your credit card statements and look out for magazine subscriptions or app subscriptions you really can live without and make sure to either reduce your plan or cancel it altogether.

4. Look for Free Ways to Have Fun

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There are myriad free sources of family entertainment or ways to spend quality time together without spending a dime. Why don’t you go on an eight-hour hike at the weekend, using your home as a starting point to avoid any fuel costs? You could also plan the walk by downloading free walking or trailing apps relevant to your residential area. Some of these apps can even allow you to look up the most scenic route or routes.

Alternatively, you could also check library programs, museums, parks, community events, and free concerts.

5. Cleaning Detergents do not Have to be Expensive

10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2022

The industry of household cleaning products is worth billions over and the reason why its marketing is so heavy is precisely this. However, cutting down on cleaning detergents is like killing two birds with one stone. Your wallet will not be the only one thanking you as so will the environment. 

No, we don’t need different products for different surfaces, nor do we need different scents for multiple rooms. A handful of cleaning products can do the trick! 

And if you want to go cheap, try combining ingredients like warm water, white vinegar, lemon rind, and rosemary sprigs in a spray bottle. Shake them and let them infuse for a week before use.

6. Go on a Staycation

10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2022

Are you in dire need of a holiday and desperately want to get away from your house without breaking the bank? Then a staycation is ideal for you. It’s a vacation that you can take close to home. 

You can relive your holiday experiences by staying in a boutique hotel, hanging out at the pool, and ordering room service without expensive flights or travel arrangements. You can choose to stay in the same state but on a different side of it and discover a fascinating, historical area you might not have had the time to familiarise yourself with before.

7. Take Military Showers


Military showers may not be for everyone; however, if you are hell-bent on cutting down costs, especially where utility bills are concerned, they might just be your answer.

So how do military showers work?

  • Turn on the shower head
  • Get wet and wet your hair if you’re washing your hair
  • Turn off the shower head
  • Lather body and hair
  • Turn on the shower head
  • Rinse very quickly

And voilà! You’re done. It might not be the answer for those who seek showers as a way of de-stressing, but it might be useful even if you do it several times a week and not every day.

8. Use Cloth Napkins


Are you still using disposable napkins? Not only are they damaging to your wallet but the planet as well.

You use them a few times or perhaps even once, and then throw them into the garbage. It would be better to go to discount stores and look for all-purpose cloth napkins, which you can even use at mealtimes. 

9. Cut the Fancy Coffee and Brew Your Own

10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee aficionado! No matter how extravagant you like your coffee and how much you view it as an early morning treat, if you’re looking to cut your expenses, you need to kiss your matcha latte goodbye for a while!

Learn to brew your own or even resort to using instant because if you stop to count your trips to your favorite barista, you’re going to realize that they add up to your spending habits.

10. Ask for Extra Hangers

10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2022

If you’re at a clothing store, always ask for extra hangers. They might be a small household necessity, but they do add to your spending especially if you buy them in bulk. Whenever you purchase a dress or any item that requires hanging in your wardrobe, ask for an accompanying hanger. Clothes shops always have a few – or plenty – to spare. They don’t mind parting with a few. 

Plus, you’d be doing your wallet a massive favor! 

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10 Practical Tips on Being Frugal This Fall | 2023