10 Truths of Dating Big Beautiful Women

10 Truths of Dating Big Beautiful Women

It seems that dating a BBW is a kind of experience that almost every man dreams about. But there are so many myths about them that it’s hard to understand whether it’s worth it. So, let’s look closer at the ten most common yet ridiculous statements about curvy women that exist today and reveal the truth about them.

Myth #1: They don’t have standards

One of the most common misbeliefs about BBW is that they will opt for anybody as long as this person agrees to be with them. They don’t have preferences in men because they don’t have the right to choose. And someone dating a curvy woman is not a matter of love but an excuse.


Regardless of who says and believes this, you can laugh them straight in the face because the reality is that BBW can be as picky as any other woman. They are not afraid of being left alone because of their standards; quite the opposite. Every BBW wants to see a loving, caring, and handsome man at her side.

Myth #2: They don’t date

Some people still believe that if a woman has extra pounds, nobody wants her and, therefore, she doesn’t date. It is believed that a BBW usually doesn’t have any dating experience, especially if she is in her twenties.


If you open any dating website for BBW admirers, you will probably be amazed by how many beautiful curvy women hang out online seeking serious relationships and hookups. And these women don’t seem to be inexperienced at all. You will meet BBW singles in their prime, enjoying romance at its fullest. Thousands of curvy women seek love daily on dating sites for BBW and don’t care about anything.

Myth #3: They are not sexually attractive

It’s hard to believe, but there are people who genuinely believe that a curvy woman can’t be sexy. They say, how can you be attractive if you have extra weight? You can’t dress sexy, wear beautiful lingerie, as well as can’t feel and act confident.


Any sane man would say that there’s nothing more attractive than a curvy woman. Of course, everyone has their own taste in women, and there are men who prefer skinny girls. And that’s fine! But most men still choose a BBW over skinny girls because they are more sexually attractive.

Myth #4: BBW is a sentence, not a choice

If a woman has extra weight, it’s because she has health problems, bad genetics, or just has a reckless disregard for any basic healthy habits. 


Sure, for some part, it’s true. There are women who have health problems that lead to obesity as well as those who are plus size just because they lead an unhealthy lifestyle. But do you think if a BBW wanted to lose weight, she wouldn’t do so? There are so many different diets available that literally, anyone can become of any weight they want. So being a BBW is a conscious choice these women make.

Myth #5: They don’t care about their health

Since they are big, they don’t care for their health. They eat junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they have never been to the gym. They don’t like physical activity at all.


You can meet many BBWs doing yoga regularly. They also love physical activities, including different kinds of sports. Like any other woman in general, a BBW cares for her mental and physical well-being by regularly visiting doctors and undergoing checkups.

Myth #6: They are loyal to you because nobody wants them

A curvy woman will never leave you for another man, even if you act like a jerk. She will indulge your every whim and agree with every word because no one but you need her. No one will want to take your BBW away from you because she is not attractive to other men.


The reality is that every woman with beautiful curves makes all men in the streets look at her in awe. So don’t be fooled into thinking that a BBW will tolerate your antics just because she has no other options. There will always be a man who will love and appreciate her the way she deserves. And if your BBW is faithful to you, it doesn’t mean she has no other choice. It means she loves you, and that’s it.

Myth #7: Only perverts date BBW

Only perverts and people with a disturbance of the psyche like fat girls. If a man chooses a BBW as his partner, it means that he perceives her as a sexual object to satisfy his weird desires.


We are all aware that there are people who perceive being overweight as a fetish. And we don’t condemn anyone because everyone’s tastes are different, and as long as it doesn’t go beyond good sense, it’s okay. However, apart from people with this kind of fetish, there are many more men who date curvy girls, not because of their weight but because they love them as a person. Many men don’t pay attention to weight at all because it doesn’t play any role.

Myth #8: You’ll have to be their personal psychologist

Since she is overweight, she has a lot of insecurities, so you will have to constantly listen to her, reassure her, and convince her that she is attractive.


Sure, BBW has insecurities just like all of us, but these women are actually more psychologically resilient than anyone else. Many overweight girls have faced injustice and abuse in their lives, and many of them have managed to get to love themselves and get rid of their imposed complexes. Certainly, you will have to support your woman, but no more than any other. Support is important in any relationship.

Myth #9: Or they’ll become yours

Women with extra weight are known for their soft-heartedness, so they are happy to listen to your problems for hours without demanding anything in return.


They are supportive and kind, but it doesn’t mean you can drop everything you have on your mind on them and treat them as a personal psychologist. As we said, support in any relationship is important, no matter if you date a BBW or a skinny girl. 10 Truths of Dating Big Beautiful Women

Myth #10: They eat all the time

Since they are big, then they eat a lot. And everything they can think about is food.


Well, they do love to eat tastily and a lot, but who doesn’t? If they love food, it doesn’t mean they start eating in the morning and finish when going to sleep. They just don’t pretend that they are already full after one slice of bread. If a BBW wants to eat, she eats until she’s satisfied. And what could be better than a healthy appetite?

As you can see, most things people say about big and beautiful women are far-fetched and just ridiculous, so if you want to date one, we advise you to go for it as soon as possible!

10 Truths of Dating Big Beautiful Women