One Piece Filler List / The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

One Piece Filler List

Mixed cannons are those episodes in which some part is filler while a little part will be canon like in 20-minute episode around 4 to 5 min of cannon and 15 min filler.

I think they should not be skipped else u may miss out on some important details

Fillers are those episodes whose story is not related to anything. U can skip these episodes.

One Piece Filler List
One Piece Filler List

Anime cannon I don’t why they are listed separately but some of the episodes like 50 and 51 are not story-related they are just random incidents and 506 is an important episode which can’t be skipped

So I suggest u should watch anime canon episode as well.

Only filler episodes should be skipped.

Although fillers are very bad most times some are really good as well like G8 arc (196- 206) so u can watch it but still if u skip them there won’t be anything you will miss in the main storyline.

Well before I answer that, consider this. Instead of directly running towards your goal(assuming you are in fact interested in Canon material), filler episodes allow us to enjoy What If situation and it gives room for more storyline, more character, and more importantly breath of relief since sometimes the main story paced can be quite intense.

One Piece Filler List
One Piece Filler List

However, the only thing to at least minimize the amount of spoiler exposure is to go analog.

Buy DVD or Blu-Ray version. You can look online on which episode deemed filler on One Piece Wikipedia Page, or subscribe to a website like Crunchyroll and watch it online.

One Piece Filler List / The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

Despite one of the most amazing animes this series also has fillers that many fans fell like time-wasting to watch them because they put them off the story.

One-piece series have 916 episodes until now and 103 episodes are fillers in them with a total of 11% of overall.

One Piece Anime Filler List
One Piece Filler List

At the time of writing this answer, there are 831 episodes of the One Piece anime series, not counting movies or specials.

The average anime episode is about 22~24 minutes long, including openings and endings, which average to about one-and-a-half to two minutes in length.

So 831 episodes x (24 minutes – 4 minutes of OP/ED) = 16,620 minutes, or 277 hours, or about eleven days of nonstop One Piece.

Factor in bathroom breaks and sleeping, and you’re probably looking at closer to 18~20 days of catchup, and that’s assuming you don’t have to go to school or work or anything like that.

You could probably shave a couple of days off that estimate if you avoid filler episodes, but either way, you have your work cut out for you.

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It depends on how well you enjoy it. It took me almost 6 months to watch the first 300 episodes because I didn’t enjoy the first 150–200.

Then it took me less than 3 weeks to watch 301–800+ and during this time, I had exams. If not, I would have finished it faster.

If you fully integrate yourself in watching it and skip the openings especially the longs ones that come from episode 500 upwards, you can be done in a month or less depending on how much time you have daily to dedicate to watching it.

You can calculate the number of episodes and the average run time is 23–24 minutes.

So you will get one rough number of days to complete. This is with respect to Maths

But for me, it depends upon how much you are enthusiastic to watch because 800 is not a small number.

I watched the episodes until Amazon Lily Arc i.e around 450 episodes within 40 days.

Friends, I used to watch 4–6 on weekdays and 12–14 on weekends.

I am not saying that you have to be completely the same as me, but if you get stuck on One Piece, then you might complete it early.

But if it gets boring then you will start skipping the episodes and after some time you will lose the spark of watching.

So everything depends on how you take it.

Why is One Piece Filler being canceled?

From what I have read there are rumors that the anime is being canceled. Since these are rumors I would take it with a grain of salt.

That being said if it were to be canceled it is because the anime is rapidly approaching the manga in terms of content.

This is especially bad being in the middle of a long arc.

So if the anime does catch up to manga content the only two options are to cancel the anime/go on hiatus or release a ton of filler and go the route of Naruto/Bleach.

I’m pretty sure you’re referring to Oda’s recent announcement/word of mouth that he’s stopping the series.

It’s because he’s taking a break. From what I’ve heard he didn’t take many breaks during his career as a manga artist.

Honestly, I’m glad he is. He even knows how the conclusion to One Piece will look like. I want him to produce the best quality possible.

Here’s the source, apologies. ‘One Piece’ Chapter 962 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

Gotta remember that manga artists who work for Shonen Jump are worked endlessly with very little downtime.

Working that hard for so many years must’ve affected him. So it’s not really being canceled but being delayed.

Hope I helped.

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