What does ‘Omlette du Fromage’ mean?

What does ‘Omlette du Fromage’ mean?

this should be obvious but, the word Omelette still means Omelette .. even if you say Du or Au or anything else after it. and Fromage still means cheese no matter what other words you put around it.

Omelette Du Fromage still means “Omelette“ .. “Cheese”. du Fromage just means “cheese”.

it’s a singular form, so it more specifically means “that cheese” as opposed to “some cheese”.

So actually the phrase “Omelette du Fromage” IS a legitimate phrase IF the person was talking about a very specific cheese.

Like a specific type, they bought a previous day and had already been discussing with a person if they then suggested they should make an omelette with that specific cheese, then you could end up saying: omelette du Fromage.

but it would probably still sound out of place

it would be like saying: “I’m going to make: Pie this Apple.” in order to say you are making a pie out of this specific apple, but you are concerned it would be misconstrued if you used the proper phrase:

“I’m going to make: this Apple Pie” because that exact phrase could ALSO mean you were talking about the specific pie, not the apple.

In general, we just know as humans that it’s going to be misunderstood so we just presuppose that we should add a lot more detail by saying: “I am going to make a Pie out of that apple”

but it still would be technically accurate it says “I’m going to make a this-apple pie”

which means even the french might accept the phrase:

Omelette du Fromage

in certain circumstances.

Omlette du Fromage
Omlette du Fromage

What does ‘Omlette du Fromage’ mean?

The amazing phrase from Dexter’s laboratory in the episode “The Big Cheese”, when he listens to a French recording overnight to learn the said language.

This consequentially gets stuck on repeat, on this phrase.

The next day all he can say is “omelette du fromage”, actually working to his advantage in everything he does (except at the end, when his lab blows up).

Although meant to depict “cheese omelette”, this phrase is grammatically incorrect.

You should say “omelette au Fromage”, which means “an omelette with cheese”.

Despite this, people still say the phrase “for the lols.”

Mike: I only know one french word. Actually a phrase: Omelette du Fromage.

Sarah: Dexter’s lab?

Mike: Dexter’s lab!

Sarah: Hahahaha!!

Mike: Roflcopter Lolmobile!

Sarah: ‘o.O?

Mike: Jk.

Sarah: -.-

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